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Miniwojna posts Review of Hi-Tech Miniatures' Terrorizers

Miniwojna has posted up a review of the Terrorizers minis from Hi-Tech Miniatures.


From the review:

Chaos Space Marines army without obliterators' heavy weapons is a rare sight. My brother, Mormeg, and I have decided to strenghten our forces with a three such mighty, mutated warriors. The only problem is... we don't really like current obliterators produced by Games Workshop. We do own some metal models of them but they are truly pain in the ass - miniatures are too heavy and imbalanced, they have a lot of potentially easy to broke off pieces and they are, simply, rather ugly. Our decision was simple - we decided to buy some stand-ins from other manufacturer - in our case Hi-Tech Miniatures. This is a Polish manufacturer of resin 28 mm "heroic" scale miniatures mostly, produced for its upcoming "Warhell" game. Fortunately, most of their models are suitable for Games Workshop games as well. We bought three terrorizers - Flesher, Mantas and Sadus.