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Miniwarbid is a new minis auction site that's just starting out. Now, I know we don't do 3rd party seller stuff here on TGN, but Miniwarbid is making their auction site not-for-profit and is going to be giving all proceeds from the auctions to charity, so I figured we could make an exception this once.
To get their name out there, they're running a giveaway for their webstore.

Ok, thanks to our sponsors we have £1000 to give away in hobby stuff!

But firstly :

What is is an auction portal, focused on our hobby, Wargaming.
You can Buy, Sell or issue Art Commissions in order to get the best Value for Money, but most importantly you can help sick and disabled children whose families are not in the financial position to pay for their healthcare. Once a month, starting from January 2013 Miniwarbid will select one of these children (associated with Registered Charities). All the profits from setting an auction on Miniwarbid will be allocated to Registered Charities or the families associated with Registered Chariety.

Why starting from Jan 2013?

Due to us being relatively new, we need to gain some momentum and I'm positive that we will!
MWB is a non for profit organization. We do not charge the same way for sales as other Auction sites; we are here to support our hobby.

So why are we are doing this?

As I have said, other Auction sites charge us 10% from sales + insertion fees and they just consume the profit! We want to take some of this huge Corporation profit and give away to unfortunate children who need it more than they do!

The total cost of setting up an auction is £0.45. We would like to charge less but MWB only accepts payment through Paypal and their charges are as follows, £0.20 plus a 3.4% per transaction fee, this leaves approx £ 0.23 from each auction that will go into the pot of money to be donated.

MWB will make no money out of the transaction !!! Total cost of auctions does vary and here are a few examples: Up to 3 of the same items per one auction (e.a. Bitz) is £0.45, For 4-6 items in one auction is £0.65 and, 7 and more of the same items in one auction is £0.75

If you have a shop on other auction sites or if you are private seller, MiniWarBid can save you hundreds £££ or $$$ on your final fees! eg. If you were to sell 15 items a month on an auction site such as Ebay with “Buy It now” (with an average cost of each item at £15) you would have to pay Ebay - £22.50 plus a £6 insertion fee! With MiniWarBid that same scenario will only cost you £6.75, you just saved £21.75!!!! , but not only that you have just helped an unfortunate person in the process! You must agree with me that this is a better way to go!

You may think, “but auction sites such as Ebay are popular !”

Well our aim is to make MWB even more popular! After all, the idea of helping under privileged children and save you some money on auctions has got to be a good one! You can help us by joining our campaign, just spread word about us on other hobby portals and “like” our Facebook page, add link on your Ebay auctions to MWB ones! We will in the same time spread our mission on every hobby portal we know! But there is more! Miniwarbid is also giving you the opportunity to get Value For Money if you need any art commissioning. For only £1 you can setup reverse auctions for any models you want to get painted. It will save you both time and money! Let the best painters in the world bid for your painting commissions, and select the one who you see as the best Value for you! The £1 that you pay will be fully (after tax) allocated to child we are supporting in that month. Alternatively, if you have any old models, cards or board games and you don’t need them any more we can sell these on your behalf. Send the models to us and we will refund the P&P, we will sell your unwanted items and forward 50% of the sales price to you via either a cheque or PayPal, the remaining 50% will be donated to the MWB children's charity being supported in that month or even the child your nominate! Please contact us on for more info.

Back to the £1000 give away..............

All you have to do is just create an account with AND "like" our Facebook page, that’s all. We will then draw three names from the pool, 1st prize is £500 of hobby stuff 2nd is £300 3rd is £200, You must choose what you want from Miniwargaming web store ( .... and we will pay for it! The draw will take place on the 15th December on templarscrusade01 youtube channel (, just in time for your Christmas shopping!