Minisculpture announces new sculptalong project

The next Minisculpture sculptalong project, Futuristic Gangs, starts today.

From their announcement:

Minisculpture’s latest sculptalong starts on 1st August. This time the subject is 28mm futuristic gang members: slick cyberpunk bikers and hackers racing through a neon cityscape; drooling dust-encrusted road pirates picking over a radioactive wasteland; ritualistic technobarbarians battling over ancient secrets, and more. If they’re outlawed and out-there, they can be included here.

We’re doing things a little differently this time, too. In order to give beginners and the time-strapped an extra incentive and some breathing space, this sculptalong will run for two months, during August and September. If this turns out favourably, future sculptalongs might adopt the same timeline.

As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of skill or experience.