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Minis Add-On For The Sixth Gun RPG Previewed

Weird West has been a pretty popular genre, especially lately. With the rise of Blackwater Gulch, Shadows of Brimstone, and Wild West Exodus, among others, more and more gamers are heeding the call of "Go West, young man (and woman)." The Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter is also going like gangbusters, already more than 5x their original funding goal. To get things going even further, they've asked the fellows over at Bronze Age Miniatures to whip up a set of minis to go with the RPG module. You can add these to your pledge if you so choose.

These 8 figures will be cast in pewter and be 32mm scale.

The campaign is close to breaking their $36k stretch goal, which will add Archetype Characters to the campaign. They've still got 27 days to make it there. I think it's a pretty safe bet they'll make it.