Minion Miniatures launches Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 16th, 2014

Minion Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new range of 30mm plastic goblins, zombies, and more.
Edit: I missed a decimal place in there earlier.

Minion Miniatures


From the campaign:

A breathtaking new range of plastic, white metal and resin miniatures to use in your wargames and role playing games.
A fantasy tabletop skirmish wargame where the denizens of the underground world of Morn battle for supremacy of the darkness called UNDERDEEP!
Two multi part hard plastic (and we mean real plastic) sprue sets for Goblins and Zombie Gravewalkers!
The devastated and desolate world of Morn… The game of Underdeep is just a small slice of this fantasy world developed over the last decade. There is much more to come from the world of Morn!

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  • hithero

    Really nice figures here and a novel concept for command and control, worth downloading the rules and taking a look.

  • Definitely liking the look of these minis and the game…just a shame my funds are low at the mo. 🙁

    The *0k is a big ask first time out but fingers crossed they make it as would love to pick some minis up once released.

    Also, its refreshing to see a “plastic minis” KS that is actually going to be plastic not rustic or resin. The plan to use Renedra is a big plus.

  • Err just noticed…they’ve not made their goal…just under 71k short 😀

    • Missed a decimal place in there. Fixed.

  • StygianBeach

    I like the Goblins and since Renedra are doing the plastics they should be good quality.