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Minion Games posts up news about their various products and summer convention plans

Minion Games has posted up news about their various game lines as well as their summer convention plans.

From the update:

Manhattan Project - Second Stage and the base game (3rd printing) has arrived at the warehouse and will be shipping to Kickstarter supporters within a week. We will be shipping to distributors in 2 weeks and thus your local & online stores should have the game in stock.

We created a mini-expansion for Kingdom of Solomon that improves the 2 player game and adds events. This expansion is currently being offered exclusively through

We will be in booth 131 at Origins. Stop by to get free replacement starting cards for 1st edition Manhattan Project. We will also have a prototype demo of Hegemonic on hand.

We have announced 2 promo cards (found in the image library at BGG) for Hegemonic that all Kickstarters and pre-orders from our website will get for free! We'll be running a demo of our upcoming Hegemonic space 4x game at Orignis and GenCon.

Our current Kickstarter for Foam Dice has really taken off and we're working on stretch goals to add more color sets. We've already added 4 colors and Fudge dice and a free bag for everyone.

We will be in booth 1201 right next to my other company DriveThruRPG/DriveThruCards. We will also be host of 2 major Designer/Publisher events.