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Minion Games Launches Cosmic Kaboom Kickstarter Campaign

With great power comes great responsibility. As weapons technology continues to advance, it is crucial to be cautious and pragmatic. ... Or you can just go blow up everyone else's planet and declare yourself the winner. That second thing is what you're trying to do in Cosmic Kaboom from Minion Games that's up on Kickstarter now. You are racing to develop bombs so powerful they can blow up your opponent's planets.

In Cosmic Kaboom, your dexterity is what will set you apart from your opponents. Instead of moving around pieces in ordered spaces on the board, you flick your ship from one side to the other (all those years of flicking paper footballs at each other in high school is about to pay off!). You must flick your ship onto the various planets in order to collect energy cubes to power your bomb. When you get enough, you have to toss the bomb onto the board in the hopes of blowing up an enemy planet. The one who's collected the most points at the end, wins.

The campaign has another 23 days left to go.