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Mining Guild Troll render & Partnership News from Sword & Board Games

Sword & Board Games shows off the 3D render for their upcoming Mining Guild Troll. They've also got some news about partnering up with MaxMini.

From the update:

Hi All,

Today we have a lot of news for you.

First we have our new render for the Mining Guild. Our take on a male troll. I think you will agree that he looks pretty nasty. (He’s not actually leaning in the finished model, that’s just the camera angle)

Secondly, we are proud to announce that Sword & Board Games is partnering up with Maxmini. The Maxmini team have been extremely helpful giving us advice regarding 3D printing and will be assisting us in their printing and production. It’s great to know we have a reliable and talented group of people working beside us on our miniatures. You can see some of Maxmini’s work at

Thirdly, for those of you that have been keeping up to date with our news. The poll which asked “What type of material would you like our miniatures to be made out of?”. The results are in. A whopping 73.68% of you voted for our miniatures to be made out of resin.

Also, for those that missed out don't forget to check out the Mining Guild Female Orc posted earlier.