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Minimus Squat's Bounty Hunter Crew Now Available

Ramshackle Games ran a successful Kickstarter for their Minimus Squat's Bounty Hunter Crew, and now it's available for general release. This is quite a large kit, coming with the tank and two trailers, plus a bunch of crew miniatures, as well as captives. Only want part of the kit? That's fine, because they're all available separately as well.

From the release:

Thanks to a success full Kickstarter Campaign, Ramshackle Games has a new model set to put on general release. The set is a vehicle and its crew, headed up by the courageous Minimus Squat.

" Minimus Squat is a man of short stature, but towering reputation. As a young man, he was bullied by taller towns people. This brought him to live a somewhat reclusive lifestyle. He roamed the wastes, avoiding contact with cruel and rude wastelanders.

As it transpired, he one day unearthed a cache of techno-tridlins. He found a mighty tracked vehicle, designed for people of shorter stature. Inside were stored three suits of powered exo-armour, again built for small humans. Why this should be he could only conjecture. Were they meant for children? Or were they some military experiment long forgotten? Taking the size of the kit as an omen, Minimus took it and sought other short people. His crew grew slowly as he tracked down other bullied folks of restricted height.

The team forges out into the deep wastes, hunting evil men for the bounty they would bring. Being a very able administrator and tactician, Minimus Squat is renown as a man who gets the job jobbed."

The set included the crew, captives and the vehicle. The models are made from resin and the entire set costs £70. All the figures and parts can be bought separately.