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MiniCon 2013 - Strategy Gaming Convention in Glocuestershire, UK

MiniCon is coming to Glocuestershire in January. Will you be there?

From the con sheet:

MiniCon - the Gloucestershire Miniatures and Strategy Games Convention - is back in 2013 at a new and much larger venue. So join us for participation games, traders, the painting competition (the "Minnies") and more. Whether you favour space marines, voltigeurs, zombies, plainswalkers, warjacks.

Tickets for MiniCon 2013 are now on sale! Our goodie bags (given to the first 100 ticket sales) so far include a free miniature and a set of five resin bases. We'll update you as we add more goodness to those. Don't forget the painting competition! And we are still looking for Game Masters to run one-shot RPGs in our dedicated RPG room. If you're interested, contact us via our website.

MiniCon is run in aid of local charities and our profits this year are being split between the National Star College and the Gloucestershire Deaf Association.