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Minibits Now the UK Stockist for Crossover Miniatures

Crossover Miniatures now has a new UK stockist: Minibits.

From the update:

We are pleased to announce that Crossover Miniatures will be available in the EU from Minibits! You can find them at

With so many EU countries finally enforcing VAT laws on imports, this move was very improtant to us. It allows our European customers to get our fantastic miniatures without having to worry about paying extra taxes and a large fee for the ‘priveledge’ of having the tax man go through your package. Let Leon at Minibits take care of that for you and just order with him, importation has already been taken care of.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Crossover Miniatures will be available on the UK show scene. Right now, he’s planning on going to Colours, World Wargames, and Skelp. Get a look at the minis in person if you can, they are fabulous!

You can still order from the website if you would like, but I encourage you to have a look at as well. While he is a completely seperate company from Crossover Miniatures, he has shown himself to be a great guy to deal with and an honest trader in every respect!