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Miniature Wargames magazine exclusive Salute 2012 Guide

Miniature Wargames, a magazine by Wargames Fever, is your exclusive guide for Salute 2012.

From the copy:

The May issue of Miniature Wargames is a very special one as it includes the official and exclusive Salute 2012 show guide. Published a week before the show, the guide contains all the essential information for you to plan your visit to Salute: floorplan, traders and games listings, information on the famous Salute painting competition, feature articles on games being staged at the show and more.

Cover Story
Scarlet Thunder at Salute. Can Colonel White escort the World President to London Airport before the Mysterons wreak their deadly havoc? John Treadaway presents an homage to Supermarionation in this preview of one of the South London Warlords’ games at Salute 2012.

Peter Hall continues his series on wargaming the battle of Mons Graupius using Hail Caesar rules.

John Walsh contributes the concluding part of his series on wargaming Salamanca in the year of the battle’s 200th anniversary.

Trevor Halsall looks at wargaming the Hornet’s Nest action at Shiloh, 1862, in a preview of Newbury & Reading Wargames Club’s game at Salute 2012.

19th Century
Jim Webster concludes his series on wargaming the French intervention in the Mexico of the 1860s with a look at the role of the Egyptian battalion.

The High Ground
Steve Eardley questions our assumptions, reviews the latest products and looks at infantry square tactics on the tabletop.

Gary Richards presents scenarios for wargaming the Japanese invasion of Burma, 70 years ago this spring.

Andrew Hubback presents a wargamer’s guide to playing SWAT team actions in a modern urban environment including tactics, terrain, rules and figure options.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gary Mitchell rounds up the latest gossip, news and reviews in his regular Darker Horizons column.