Miniature-Tek running Base Stampers textured base stamp Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 31st, 2013

Miniature-Tek is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund a line of textured base stamps.

From the campaign:

Our Texture stamps are designed to allow anyone to easily create low cost great looking bases for their wargaming figures that look professionally sculpted.The texture stamps have patterns like urban ruins, bones, rocks and battlefield debris. To use the stamps all you need is to put a little sculpting putty on your base and press the stamp down for the pattern you want, then allow the putty to dry. Cutting the putty away and multiple stampings can be used to create custom bases that give the sculptor endless possibilities of bases for a fraction of the cost of resin bases.

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  • grimbergen

    Nice idea. I love KS!

  • I laughed at this part:

    Risks and challenges I don’t
    anticipate any risks, We have the
    equipment we need and the designs have
    already been developed and perfected.
    The only challenge would be if the
    project was a huge success, that of
    course would lead to a longer delivery
    date for the stamps. we will keep you

    No risks? Come on guys, be real here.

    informed by putting out weekly updates
    on the progression of the project.

    • Apparently the Quote code didn’t like my post? Weird.

      • Soulfinger

        You could get syphilis from a company believing promises like that if you pledge without consumer protection. They should at least cover the three bases of industrial risk management, “China. Boats. Pirates.” It makes for a good Power Point presentation in any board room, because you get to pirates and all of the other executives start giggling and saying “Arrrgh,” and then the next slide shows the statistics for modern day piracy with that clip art image of an emaciated Somalian pirate just tryin’ to get by, and then they feel kind of like jerks. Then the next slide is of old timey pirates trying to figure out what to do with all of these base stampers or what-not, and you get the last Arrrgh. I love the humorous, slapstick world of big business.

        • winter