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Miniature Monthly Painting Tutorials Up On Patreon

Those of you who visit this site regularly are no stranger to crowdfunding. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are just a part of the gaming landscape now. But there's other crowdfunding websites you might not know of as well. One is Patreon. There, you aren't necessarily paying for a game you'll get in the mail, but you're funding an ongoing project. Well, a new one just started literally today that will help everyone become better painters. Miniature Monthly is up and running.

Miniature Monthly is a new painting tutorial video series created by Aaron Lovejoy and Elizabeth Beckley. You might know them as the studio painters for Shadows of Brimstone & Dark Sword Miniatures and Kingdom Death & Ninja Division, respectively. So you know there's some top-level painting skill going on there. They're looking to bring you a regular series of videos that run the gamut of painting techniques, all the way from "so, this is a paintbrush" to advanced airbrushing techniques. Every level of your painting game will be enhanced by watching the series.

Go check it out and upgrade your painting ability.