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Miniature Mentor releases Le Gnome painting tutorial

Miniature Mentor have released a Matthieu Roueche Le Gnome Painting Tutorial. Le Gnome From their announcement:
Miniature Mentor is proud to bring you Mathieu Roueche's Artis Le Gnome miniature painting tutorial (Gold winner 2010 Ravage Mix Open). This tutorial demonstrates Matthieu's techniques for achieving incredibly detailed and realistic skin tones over the entire body. Watch also as Matthieu reconstructs the amazing body-length base the Gnome stands on. The tutorial is available now for Download. Miniature Mentor is dedicated to the art of miniature painting and sculpting. Our current and future artists include Laurent Exposito Mas, Romain Van Den Bogaert, Allan Carrasco, Aragorn Marks, Jacques Alexandre Gillios and Jennifer Haley.