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Miniature Gaming Expo launches Indiegogo to fund new gamer community website

Miniature Gaming Expo had launched an Indiegogo campaign to create a new website full of lots of options and tools for gamers and hobbyists.

From the campaign:

We want Miniature Gaming Expo to be the LEADING online social community where miniature gamers, terrain makers/painters, miniature painting studios and anyone related to the industry can exhibit and market online. Miniature Gaming Expo will provide miniature gamers with simple do-it-yourself tools to build unique personal website/portfolios, and sell miniatures, terrain or anything related to the nerdy world online! We want to offer community events and special discounts on gaming supplies for you! We have an initial offering of great tools and need YOUR HELP to get started in a great social community effort! Our Mantra is: SHOW AND TELL, BUY AND SELL!! You will be able to buy and sell commission free! Please help NOW! We KNOW you have lots of things you want to show off and tons of things you may eventually want to pass on to the next generation!