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Miniature Gaming Expo, a place to create your gaming website

Miniature Gaming Expo is here to help you make your gaming website be as good as it can, as easy as it can.

From the announcement:

We are fully developed and are offering :

FREE PERSONAL WEBSITES for the first 750 people that sign up! AND..... you will receive very cool discount codes and offers to online miniature gaming stores and studios as an extra bonus once you join our community!

We have always envisioned a community environment where miniature gamer’s could “show and tell” and “buy and sell” their works of "art" with professional portfolios with numerous features. This hobby is an art and should be shown as such. MGExpo is a chance to see your works displayed in your own portfolio by other miniature gaming enthusiasts. Where you can buy and sell the surplus minis and accessories you no longer want, or just want to create things to sell to others. Everyone is invited including stores, clubs, painting studios, terrain makers and anyone contributing to the miniature gaming community.

Comission Free ! No eBay fees !

We bring to you many years experience showcasing art galleries in a portfolio environment that brings excitement to other artists and the ability to buy or sell. The miniature gaming community is ready to take the next step with MGExpo !! We will be expanding features and want your feedback!

MGExpo is brought to you by Brian Willis, developer of and Denise Haynes, former co-owner of Sabol Designs.