Miniature Building Authority launches Castle Kickstarter Campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 30th, 2014

Miniature Building Authority has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their new castle terrain. Go get yourself a nice place for your little mans to live or to lay siege to.



From the campaign:

The MBA Castle Kick Starter will run in October of 2014. Delivery is tentatively planned for May 2015. Products: MBA will introduce several new items to make our castle system the most complete, modular and versatile system available on the market. Products will include a new Keep, Great Hall, Drawbridge, Barbican, Castle Dungeon, Tavern Cellar, new Town Building, and many other exciting new products. Additionally, there will be great stretch goal freebies, and a specially sculpted line of castle wenches to add to your collection.

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  • estrus

    It’s October already?

    • Soulfinger

      October is that brief window before Rocktober, when the oldies radio stations go all out with the rocking, and then there’s Shocktober, leading up to Halloween. I think that the official atheist re-designation for the entire month is now Dawktober.

    • Its currently October in Japan.

      And it says ‘runs through October’.. which it does.

      • estrus

        They’ve been telling us for awhile that this was sposed to launch Oct. 1. Didn’t realize that meant Oct 1 in Japan =)

  • 4tonmantis

    I can’t stop laughing at the fact that GW makes something cheaper than someone.. I know the Games Workshop fortress isn’t on par with this but for the price difference I am left not caring. I mean.. if I were shooting a Lord of the Rings fan-film or whatever, then the MBA castle would be exactly what I’m looking for..but I think there are a few other companies that do actually make similarly detailed kits for less (I would have to double check though).

  • mweaver

    I confess I am surprised. The newsletter MBA sent out on 23 Sept. announced that this Kickstarter would launch at 9 A.M. (EST) on 1 October. Some of the Early Bird specials are already gone, before the date they gave in their own newsletter as the opening date. Seems kind of a careless way to treat your customer base.

    MBA buildings, while not cheap, are of exceptional high quality. They are the best pre-painted buildings that I have ever seen. (Tabletop Gaming World holds that position for unpainted buildings).

  • LegoRick

    No one needs to worry about the early bird pledge levels running out! MBA has said they will keep true to their word and keep adding more as current ones run out through Oct. 1st! The launch today was a mistake! Apparently when the project creator hit the ‘continue’ button after updating the KS page, it made the project go live. Happy accident I guess?

    Either way, I’m in for almost $2.4k at the moment, and I am sure to increase that by a good amount after I decide which add-ons I want. Don’t forget, these aren’t “kits”, they are fully assembled pre-painted structures with interiors, floors that lift off, gates that open, etc. I don’t build terrain often if ever and I certainly don’t want to spend time painting. I’ve been waiting for this KS to launch for months. Super excited (if you can’t tell) that it is finally happening!

  • Good, but a tad expensive even it is pre-painted. Much prefer Tabletop Workshops which is similar but in plastic and stackable.