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Miniature Building Authority Has New Products

Miniature Building Authority has new products on the way. After a longer than anticipated delay, they are arriving soon:

From their website:

We are celebrating by giving everyone who pre-orders 10% off of the retail price if you pre-order by 12/25/2011. Orders will not be charged on their credit cards until the items ship in early January of 2012. Any currently available item ordered with a pre-order item will be shipped together with the pre-order items in January.

All of the items are great, but our premier item for this shipment is Eversol’s Tower. This is the ultimate wizard’s tower with each floor completely detailed and painted. Also, we are bringing back the Roadside Tavern. Both of these items are limited edition, so get them while you can.

All of these items listed are painted and assembled ready to put on the table. Only the Gold Series items have fully detailed interiors.

Here is a list of the new items and restocks that will be available.

28mm European Buildings:

10115-A Spanish Tiled Roof Stable $74.95
10115-B Thatched Roof Stable $74.95
10193 Corner Dbl Townhouse $99.95
10194 Wall Barracks $99.95
10152 Town Walls (2) (restock) $74.95
10158 GateHouse (restock) $89.95

28mm Spanish Main Series:

10620 Bermuda Sloop $115.95
10621 Lean To $34.95
10622 Grog Shop $79.95
10624 Ships Cannons (6) $19.95
10618 Spanish Tiled Bldg w/Tower $59.95

28mm Gold Series:

10623 Eversol’s Tower $299.95
10505 Roadside Inn (restock) $349.95

28mm High Adventure Series:

10609 Rope Bridge (restock) $34.95

15mm Buildings:

15124 Townhouse Set F $54.95
15125 Windmill $74.95
15126 Townhouse Set G $59.95
15127 Restaurant $54.95