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Miniature Building Authority has new barricades

Miniature Building Authority doesn't want your models just running around all over everywhere. So they've made new barrier sets to keep them in line.

From the release:

Direct Terrain has gotten in their new Texas Wall barriers. These are all over the Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan theaters. Many units have painted them with their unit patches and motto's. The Texas barriers come unpainted and one to a pack. Additionally, Direct Terrain has gotten a large restock of 25/28mm T-walls and HESCO type barriers. These are unpainted and come 10 to the pack.

DIR-063 Texas Barrier $4.95
DIR-023 T-Wall Barriers (10) $16.95
DIR-024 Hesco type barriers (10) $16.95

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As with all of our direct items they can only be purchased at or when you see us at the conventions.