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Miniature Building Authority Announces New Shipping Policy & New Product Release

Miniature Building Authority posts due to rising shipping costs, Miniature Building Authority will have to raise the minimum order amount to receive free shipping, they also preview a new product:

From their website:

The current minimum order for free shipping is $150. However, Starting on February 1, 2012 the new minimum order amount will go to $200 for free shipping on your order. We apologize for this, but shipping costs are rising too fast not to have to change our policy.

Additionally, we want to let everyone know about our new Direct Terrain from Miniature Building Authority. Direct Terrain is adding our latest set for our convenience store interiors, the Restaurant Set #1. This comes with two booth sections and one order counter.

This is another fine product that Miniature Building Authority offers as a DIRECT ONLY item. These items can only be obtained from us at the shows or via

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