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Mini Sculpture holds their 2nd annual sculpting competition

Mini Sculpture has their 2nd annual Sculpture Competition (in case you're more into the tactile arts than the literary like the earlier contest).

So break out that green, grey, blue... or whatever stuff you need and get going!

Mini Sculpture's second annual competition starts today! You've all got two months, until the 30th of April, to crack open the putty and clay and have a bash at it. Announcements about the rules, prizes and discussion topic can be found on the forum.

This year's theme is musicians. They're not unfamiliar to us wargamers, particularly in the unit command groups of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and similar games. That already gives a lot of scope in terms of time, nationalities and races. From Roman cornicines to American Civil War buglers, from haughty elfin trumpeters to scrofulous goatmen beating on ragged hide-drums, and well beyond. There's also plenty of room for behind-the-lines character pieces, all kinds of entertainers, minstrels, heralds, regimental band members, tin-whistling pixies, orcy rokkas and so on. Loads of possibilities - have a go!