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Minefield Games and Military History Medieval reveal newest plans

Military History Medieval and Minefield Games will be releasing some demo versions of games over the next couple months as they continue to work on them.


From the announcement:

Minefield Games Team revealed newest plans concerning Military History: Medieval. The publisher is going to release three versions of demo this year. Just before Christmas there will be available demos of different versions: Polish Kingdom and Teutonic Order, Kingdom of France, Scotland with England and the fights on the steppes between the armies of Rus and Grand Duchy Of Lithuania with Golden Horde. Demo versions are going to contain basic set of introductory rules, shortened descriptions of fractions, polish and english versions included. Free download will be available from Minefield Games website. The main handbook of MH: Medieval is going to be launched in the beginning of the new year. It will include full descriptions for all nineteen fractions and full set of advanced rules. English version should be ready shortly after the premiere. Simultaneously authors are planning to begin campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with ingathering of founds for paper version of founds. Publisher informs that testing by professionals from Gamedec Team, University Of Bydgoszcz is the final faze. Military History: Medieval is first non-profit battle game series set in alternative medieval times created by Minefield Games.