Mimic Miniatures, get a mini made to look like you

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
May 30th, 2013

Mimic Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign up and running to fund minis that look like, … well… that look like you.

From the campaign:

Have you ever dreamed of fielding a gaming miniature of you in your RPG, board game or on the battlefield of your favorite miniature game? Now you can!

Mimic Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter project where we turn YOU into a Fantasy Gaming Miniature.

The project is backed by over 10 NY Times Best Selling and Nebula Award-winning Authors, Illustrators and Game Designers.

Come check out this unique project and please share the news!

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  • but but but… The CAD renders look awesome, but the actual printed models look like they came from shapeways – frosted detail at 0.2mm resolution does not really cut it as high quality for something as small and detailed as a 28mm scale head.

    You can basically get the same results with an iphone app and a picture of your mug, send it off to shapeways and get a whole bunch of heads for cheaps and stick it on any model you want.

    I take it only the bodies are cast in resin. If I buy a service like this I want better quality, when I can get the same results on my own for much less.

    If the quality is better than it looks on the pictures, then those photos of the minis are absolutely detrimental to the kickstarter. You can sort of make out a ballpark resemblence when you can actually see any details. Ink or paint the minis and use proper lighting.

    The idea is nice – albeit an old one. There are companies that make action figures and stuff of you and that’s been around for quite a few years. Still the idea is sound, but I am not convinced the quality is good enough.

    • grimbergen

      I don’t know about this product specifically – and I agree the pix are quite poor — but I a few years ago I won a contest where I was sculpted into a mini. The proofs they sent me were made using the print-on-demand plastics (by the professional services using makerbot type devices), and they were near perfect and only slightly less detail than manufactured plastic products.

      Unfortunately the company went out of business so I never had mine produced in full plastic but I was quite satisfied. If technology has only improved just a little bit since then I would be extremely confident in the quality of these.

      • I have actually looked into this as I have some stuff I want to print. 0.2mmm does not cut it. There are different types of rapid prototyping machines and the ones that cut it (SLA) have a resolution of 0.05mm and it’s a completely different and more expensive method using a liquid polymer bath that solidifies where the laser draws…

        This is not that. A lyer thickness of 0.2mm on a head that is 3mm tall means 15 lines to render that head. That is not a good resolution.. 0.5 is 60 lines for the same area.

        I can tell you for a fact that Kingdom Death uses the SLA method when printing the digital sculpts – before they are refined by hand…

        As far as I can tell the only logical way to do the MIMIC thing is print each individual head and not refine it. Their resolution is stated as 0.2mm which is not good enough for a finished product. At least to my standards and at the price they are asking.

  • Ghool

    Wow. These look….horrible.

    They need better sculpts, and better paint jobs. So a bunch of NY Times authors are backing your project. This is supposed to be a selling point for me?
    I’d think the quality of the sculpts, and the paint jobs were for that?

    None of what is supposed to be selling points are looking very low quality, and amateur. The big names backing this aren’t going to be changing that fact.