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Millennium Blades The CCG-Simulator Board Game up on Kickstarter

Level 99 Games takes a humorous look at the culture of CCGs with their new board game, Millennium Blades, that's up on Kickstarter now. The game focus on a group of friends that play Millennium Blades, a fictional CCG in their world that has been around for thousands of years. Players take on the persona of players of this fictional CCG on pre-release night for a new expansion. You start out with just a standard starter deck. Then you buy packs and trade cards, selling off the ones you don't want in order to get new packs and build the ultimate deck.
The campaign is more than 1.5x funded with still 16 days to go.

From the campaign:

Millennium Blades is a board game about a fictional collectible card game, which is also called Millennium Blades. You begin the game on pre-release night with just your starter deck. You’ll open new packs, form collections, and sell your junk cards on the aftermarket to buy hot new cards. Trade with your friends, build up your deck, and prepare to compete at Millennium Blades Worlds for the title of World Champion!

We’ve all been touched by the magic of Collectible Card Games—from the thrill of opening packs and discovering that ultra-rare card, to the excitement of waiting on pre-release night to see what hidden gems a new set holds, to the tension of sitting with baited breath to see your opponent’s play in the final round of the tournament. Millennium Blades captures that magic and distills it down to a single-game session.

Card Games create their own world and their own culture for us to explore, and continue to reward players who delve deeper and deeper into these worlds. These games are about discovery, social interaction, and fun–what could be a better topic to use as the basis for a board game!?

Now, after 2 years of continuous development, spanning over 20 major revisions, we're finally ready to bring Millennium Blades to life!