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Military History: Medieval, a new gaming system in the works

Military History: Medieval is a new gaming system in the works, soon to be released.

From the announcement:

MH: Medieval is a battle game set in the time of the beginning of the fifteenth century alternative. The project is in cooperation Polish, Ukrainian, U.S., and supported by volunteers from all over the world. The project is also supported by figures such producers as HAT, MiniArt, Mars, Valdemar Miniatures and a few others from around the world. The game is created as a non-commercial project, and will be available online and in book form. In addition, it will be available in several languages. The game will be available to 19 nations, each will have more than 30 units, and a number of historical figures. The game has an extensive mechanics is built so that the game was dynamic and effective. The formation and commands that make the game interesting, and extensive historical background perfectly captures the atmosphere of the game.