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Milestones and much, much more for GCT Studios

GCT Studios has a lot of announcements in their latest update. From a new mini to a new piece of art, to a bit of reflection on 3 years of Bushido.


From the update:

Wave 18 is now on general release as well as Oda & Tautola (pictured). The legendary Jumo sensei, and current Oyabun of the Iron Fist gumi, Oda is small only in stature, for everything else about this no nonsense boss is anything but. Oda likes nothing more than to drill and sculpt his famous Buto into pure weapons of mass and muscle. His physique might prevent him from demonstrating his extensive knowledge of the art of Jumo but he is a skilled and quick teacher, barking instructions and jabbing directions with his ornate fan, swiftly turning even the amateur into a competent wrestler and a warrior into a master. Tautola is never far from his diminutive master, either stepping forward to clear his path through the streets of Jima and saddling his famous platform, allowing his sensei a better vantage point from which to command his men. Keenly aware of danger and quickly removing threats with a crushingly accurate and brutal blow from his tetsubo, Tautola is the bite to Oda’s bark.

We also have brand new art for Wave 19!