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Mike Ingham passes on

Mike Ingham, owner of the Wargames Holiday Centre in Scarborough, has passed on. Mark Freeth write:
Generals, It is with a very heavy heart that I write to tell you of the passing of one of wargamings shining lights. Mike had been seriously ill for a number of years, battling cancer, sadly while he was holding off the frontal assault from the cancer, he was holding it at bay, the other ailments that transpire as a result of such a nasty disease flanked him and Mike passed away peacefully on Friday 4/02/11. Mike owned the Wargames Holiday Centre in Scarborough, taking it over from Peter Gilder. Over the last few years Mike has had less involvement with the day to day running of the centre, however thise that had the privilege of gaming under him or with him will know what a sad loss this is. Mike was probably the best loser I have ever known, (mind you that didn't happen very often)when he did lose, he did it with grace, laughing at his misfortune and analysing the way the game had gone. Generally storing the info to ensure it didn't happen again. When he was winning, there was the same measure of decency, no celebratory laps around the table from Mr Ingham, oh no sir. But he did like to win. It's probably this approach that allowed him to hold the disease at bay for so long. I and a lot of others are going to miss him dearly. I love you Mike, sleep tight mate.