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Mike Baker resigns from Siege of Augusta

Mike Baker is stepping down from his post as Director of Siege of Augusta. From his announcement:
Dear Team: This note is to inform all concerned that I will resigning my position as Director of Siege of Augusta effective May 1, 2011. With all of the events that have taken place and are taking place in my life and in the CSRA Gamers Community, I feel that I am no longer able to properly exercise the duties of this position. I simply need the maximum amount of time to take care of my own personal business and I can't do that and manage SOA both. I am willing to assist as part of the committee, but someone else will have to take charge, or I will liquidate the current funds balance and return it to HMGS Mid South.
Open Issues remain what they were at the end of SOA XXI 1. WEB SITE Our current site is down and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. 2. Sponsors. We need sponsors for Siege and we need to start working on this immediately. 3. Vendors. We need to begin considering what vendors need to be invited for SOA XXI. 4. Players. We need to begin to recruit players for events and tournaments. Thanks to all of the folks who have helped make SOA work over the years. I leave its future in your hands. Sincerely, Mike Baker SOA XX