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Mighty Armies Tournament at NASHCON

Rebel Minis will be hosting a Mighty Armies Tournament at NASHCON. From their announcement:
Rebel Minis will have our first Mighty Armies Tournament at NASHCON on May the 28th in Nashville TN. The Tournament will start Saturday at 7pm and we will have prizes. Also, everyone that participates gets a free 15mm miniature. The Tournament is sponsored by Rebel Minis and Splintered Light Miniatures. This will be a fun, friendly and easy going tournament... and it's our first one, so we will be learning as well :) Also, if you don't have an army done by then, we will have several painted MA armies for you to play. So rally your Armies and join us at NASHCON. For more information on Mighty Armies check out: As always, thank you for your support.