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Mighty Armies: Death From Above released

Mighty Armies: Death From AboveRebel Minis have posted a free expansion for the Might Armies 15mm fantasy rules. From their website:
Rebel Minis is proud to offer a new Mighty Armies Supplement. Death From Above is a supplement for Mighty Armies Fantasy Game. In this new Supplement, players are allowed to create flying units for the MA system. The Supplement includes:
  • New Abilities and Options for Flying Units
  • New Attack Abilities like Breath Weapons and Strafing
  • An Army list of Flying Creatures and Monsters
Mighty Armies is a 15mm miniature game of clashing hordes, hollow defeats and resounding victories! You will have the chance to build and paint a great force, then march against the armies of your opponents to prove who is the greater general. The rules behind Mighty Armies are very simple and you will find you are playing in no time.