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Mierce Miniatures Running Darklands: Metal Age Miniatures Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures has some pretty cool looking figures. But let's be fair, some of them can get to be a bit expensive. While resin gives you some really awesome detail on your figures, it's not the cheapest thing around. And since Mierce's figures tend to be pretty big, getting one can put a big dent in your gaming budget. Well, the fellows over there feel your pain. As such, they've got a Kickstarter campaign going that looks to bring some of their figures over to pewter production.

metal-resin-undercoated metal

The starter sets in the Kickstarter come with a commander, infantry unit, and a monstrous infantry unit for £60. That's a 70% savings of off what you'd pay if the figures were resin. This is meant to be a good jumping-on point for anyone who's looked at Darklands, the miniatures skirmish game from Mierce, but has gone "wow, I can't afford that." Now, each figure will come out to about £2 apiece.

And hey, if you want the figures in resin, too. You can order them like that as well.

The campaign's a bit over 50% funded and still has 13 days to go.