Mierce Miniatures previews 5 new minis for their DarkLands game

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Nov 10th, 2012

Mierce Miniatures is showing off 5 new minis for DarkLands that will be available soon.
Note: There’s 4 pictures because the 5th included fuzzy rhino butt and I’m not really sure most people wanted to see that without specifically having to click on a link to see it.

From the preview:

We have five quite superb releases for Darklands in December, dark age fantasy fans, and we believe these are some of our best yet. Don’t take our word for it though, have a look at these guys and gals for yourself!

Following on from last month, the Brythoniaid gain another Dyndraig – Naegannwg – a standard-bearer of much renown; for the Fomoraic, the hairy rhino-men known as the Srónax continue to amaze with Ucquraan; the Khthones are lucky enough to get two releases this month, and whilst one is but a reworking of Ophius to become the wingless Ophios the other is, quite simply, our miniature of the moment, the Gorgór called Sthena; and for the Ysians, the Brutes gain another nutter with a small brain and a massive weapon in the form of Nung the Horn-Brute.

As if the release of five new miniatures is not enough, wait until you see what we have for you in January 2013, unveiled in December. Dan Cockersell’s next masterpiece is quite something to behold…

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  • KelRiever

    Ahem, isn’t something going on with what was Maelstrom games and SMG? Does this relate?

    • I don’t know the legal nuts and bolts behind anything that’s going on with these companies. I just post up the news I get in my inbox.

      • TomasT

        And remove some?

        • TomasT

          Found it… sorry.

  • thetang22

    There is lots of news coming to light about the Maelstrom Games situation. Details are available on multiple forums, but the summary amounts to Maelstrom practiced some very shady business tactics at the expense of their suppliers and customers, and appeared to try to cover it up.

    I don’t know for certain the relation between Maelstrom and Mierce, but from the way I understand it, I think it is run by the same person(s). If that is true, and everything coming to light about the Maelstrom situation is true, I wouldn’t show Maelstrom/Mierce any kind of support.

    • leonmallett

      Some Basic Information about Maelstrom Games Ltd and related business entities.

      Maelstrom Games Ltd. (active company; registered 07/04/2003) has one listed Director – Robert Lane. It has two listed Shareholders, Robert Lane and Jonathon Paul Price. Net Worth: £-132,432 based on the accounts filed in 2012.

      Maunsfield Gaming Ltd. (active company; registered20/06/2012) was previously known as EYE OF THE STORM (MANSFIELD) LIMITED and has one listed Director – Robert Lane. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 31/01/2014.

      Penda Strategies Ltd. (active company; registered 15/06/2012) was known previously as Maelstrom Wargames Limited until 06/09/2012; Robert Lane is the only listed director. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Accounts are required to be filed on or before 31/01/2014.

      Anglia Games Limited was registered 15/06/2012; Robert Lane appears to be a director.

      Mierce Miniatures Ltd. was registered 26/02/2009; Robert Lane is the sole listed director. Shareholder details are not yet listed. Net Worth: £0, based on the accounts filed in 2012.

      There is a dissolved Maelstrom Games Ltd.

      Maelstrom Games Ltd., Anglia Games Ltd., Penda Strategies Ltd., Maunsfield Gaming Ltd. and Mierce Miniatures Ltd. share the same registered address:
      106 CARTER LANE
      NG18 3DH

  • basilbrush

    According to some of their accusers the implication seems to be that Meirce was formed out of money that should have gone to paying the suppliers for Maelstrom Games.

  • jedijon

    Wow – these are…well, I’ve said it before and the situation hasn’t changed yet!

    Holy smokes.

    Anyway – although the chick naga doesn’t ever sheath her swords – the dude doesn’t either since he couldn’t pull them out as they’re designed. BUT, let’s just say it’s awesome that he DOES have 4 scabbards AND that there’s two on either side of his torso. I can’t think of ever seeing this kind of good accounting practice on any other multi-armed miniature before. If you’ll pardon the legerdemain lodged as a pun…

  • Bossk_Hogg

    I have a rather large Darklands order that Maelstrom transferred to Mierce when it shuttered. I emailed them asking for an estimated ship time, and naturally received nothing. Something to consider for those thinking about sending them business.

    • TomasT

      Indeed. If they are shady towards their customers, I wouldn’t think that their morale would improve with a new website.

      • Soulfinger

        Plus GW might sue them for infringing on their monopoly on silly looking miniatures.

  • Please note that Rob Lane has its hand in all the new shops, so until he has cleared his debts for Maeltrom Games, I would not touch any of his new endevours.



    From what has come to the light already, it is pretty obvious that he fradulently withdrew assets from MG into new shops, when he should have paid debts and delivered goods paid by the consumers.

    You would therefore do well not to put any money in those new companies, as their assets will surely be seized at one point in the future, as well. If your order is still open at that point, you are screwed just like the Maelstrom Games customers are right now.

    • KelRiever

      You aren’t screwed if it is within 30 days of your payment and you used a credit card or paypal to make it. You can call your cc company/PayPal immediately and have the transaction cancelled.

      • It is actually 45 days for Paypal transactions. That did not stop a lot of people from getting screwed over.

      • KelRiever

        I hear you. Sadly, when in the world of online purchases, people need to be vigilant when they don’t receive their orders within a particular window of time. Protect yourself. I had issues with two online companies that I had to cancel orders on. Neither was particularly devious, but like many online retailers, their “stock” is nothing more than an order page and then they go order from the supplier once they get paid. If their supplier doesn’t get product to them on time, then they can’t send it to you.

        Smart retailers tell you if they have product in stock or have to order it. But there are plenty who just omit that info with silence. I told them both that I had nothing against them and might order in the future, but had to cancel because we were getting close to the 30 day mark and I had to protect myself. They both said they understood.

        Anyway, know the rules for your credit card or PayPal. That would be the moral of the story. Oh, and make your house out of bricks, and not straw….:P

  • cama

    Definitely avoid anything with this guy’s name on it. Very shady, too many stories all over the web.

    Let’s hope the liquidator clears the whole lot out, and flushes them right down the toilet where they belong.

  • surprize

    For the record I am boycotting all related companies, but I think you need to be really careful with statements like that (“it is pretty obvious that he fradulently withdrew assets from MG into new shops“). Maybe you take precautions to make sure you have watertight online anonymity, but if not maybe hedge your bets a bit more with the odd “allegedly” in there!! 😉