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Mierce Miniatures previews 5 new minis for their DarkLands game

Mierce Miniatures is showing off 5 new minis for DarkLands that will be available soon.
Note: There's 4 pictures because the 5th included fuzzy rhino butt and I'm not really sure most people wanted to see that without specifically having to click on a link to see it.

From the preview:

We have five quite superb releases for Darklands in December, dark age fantasy fans, and we believe these are some of our best yet. Don't take our word for it though, have a look at these guys and gals for yourself!

Following on from last month, the Brythoniaid gain another Dyndraig - Naegannwg - a standard-bearer of much renown; for the Fomoraic, the hairy rhino-men known as the Srónax continue to amaze with Ucquraan; the Khthones are lucky enough to get two releases this month, and whilst one is but a reworking of Ophius to become the wingless Ophios the other is, quite simply, our miniature of the moment, the Gorgór called Sthena; and for the Ysians, the Brutes gain another nutter with a small brain and a massive weapon in the form of Nung the Horn-Brute.

As if the release of five new miniatures is not enough, wait until you see what we have for you in January 2013, unveiled in December. Dan Cockersell's next masterpiece is quite something to behold...