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Mierce Miniatures preview October releases for their Darklands game

Mierce Miniatures gives us a look at what they've got coming out for their October releases for Darklands.

From the preview:

Here's a preview of our October releases (released Oct 10th). For our Darklands game (released 2013) The Formorians get some heavy reinforcement with the first of a new unit of monstrous infantry -Órorqaan, Gultain of the Srónax.
The Ysians are getting some love from their Horned Goddess this month with Kernuor, the Seer-Drune adding some magical support and Gulguta, Kill-Brute adding some brute force.
Keep your eyes peeled for next month with more choices added to the Kthones, Fomorians and Ysians!