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Mierce Miniatures Posts August Releases

We're halfway through August, the most gaming of months. Seems like a pretty good time to have your latest releases available. And that's just what Mierce Miniatures has. You can go pick up their latest Darklands offerings over in their webshop.

From them to you:

We're keeping up the release frequency with another thirteen of them for Darklands in August - but that's a bit misleading, as there's actually thirty-three different items you can buy from this load, including monsters, infantry units, starter hosts and nobles!

We're expanding the Atalantes greatly this month with a noble (Hektor), a unit of infantry (the Oplites) and a beastie (Dynatos, a giant bronze bull). The Érainn gain a warlord in the rather chubby shape of Rudraige the Fat and an even chubbier monstrous infantry unit, the Fir Bholg Hurlers; three new nobles for the Jutes, Ætulla, Bareheaded Ætulla and Wihtwald; a monster for the Khthones in the sail-backed shape of Iskarnos; a unit of infantry for the Vras (finally giving Quick-Blade some mates), the Spear-Vras; Danilo Cruz on horse, a sell-sword able to kill monsters rather easily; a new starter host for the Ysians, the Great Club Brute Starter Host, and a monster for them too, the awesome Conjunct X. There's some superb miniatures in there!