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Mierce Miniatures now has their own website

Mierce Miniatures, whom you'll recognize as the people that did a lot of BaneLegions models, now has their own webspace.

From the update:

It's finally here, dark age fantasy fans - Mierce Miniatures' very own webstore has hit the world wide web! It has been a little while in coming thanks to us being busier than busy bees in rush hour, but you can now peruse and of course buy all of those awesome BaneLegions and Darklands miniatures from the very people that make them. For, if you didn't know already, Mierce Miniatures has now taken over production of the BaneLegions range of miniatures from Maelstrom Games, and whilst 90% of said miniatures have been shoved into Darklands to populate our forthcoming wargame all of the miniatures you know and love are still there, and there's some fantastic new ones too!

Yes indeed: in June 2012, Mierce Miniatures took over all operations regarding the BaneLegions and Templar's Forge ranges of wargaming and hobby products from Maelstrom Games and, as a result of this change, many other changes have taken place. The opportunity has been taken to look at the products from both ranges and either migrate them to become a part of our forthcoming wargame in 2013 - Darklands - retain them within the BaneLegions range or delete them entirely if we feel murderous.

Mierce Miniatures is comprised of the exact same team within Maelstrom Games that had, until June, produced the BaneLegions and Templar's Forge ranges. The company retains all of the same materials, equipment, products and outlook on life, and thus you can be assured that the high production quality of our ranges will continue into 2013 and beyond!

Right, here's a little Q and A to satisfy the curious...

What's Darklands all about?
Darklands is our wargame set in a fantasy world not too different from our own. Beginning in the year AD 650, Darklands will combine various fantastical and historical elements found in northwest Europe in the so-called 'Dark Ages' in a wargame that will be intuitive, fresh and interesting. Much of its setting will be known to fantasy wargamers everywhere, and thus be very easily accessible. It also has the biggest gribblies you'll see in any 30mm wargame! Darklands will be released in 2013 in book format, news of which will be forthcoming during the latter half of 2012.

What's Happening with BaneLegions
The BaneLegions range will continue in a much reduced form, with BaneLords and BaneBeasts. Releases for this range in the near future will be limited, simply because we must concentrate on Darklands for now, but we do intend BaneLegions to grow over time with more and more generic fantasy releases. Stay tuned!

What about the BaneBits?
Again, the BaneBits service will continue and expand to everything within the BaneLegions range, but crucially a separate Darklands parts range will also be available later on in 2012. However, this service will not be available to retailers or distributors.

What is Mierce, and how do I pronounce it?
'Mierce' is the Old English word for the kingdom of Mercia, which existed during the period of history known as the Dark Ages within central England. As our team resides in a part of present-day Mercia, Nottinghamshire, we thought it would accurately reflect both where we are from and our long history!

'Mierce' should be pronounced 'Mer-sha', with emphasis placed on 'Mer'.

And that's yer lot!! There's lots and lots more to come from us over the next few months, but for now, check out October's releases and mayhap buy them. It won't be long before November's releases - four of them! - are knocking on our doors either, and they really are an amazing set of releases. Stay tuned!