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Mierce Miniatures Launches Darkholds: Ancient Barrows Board Game Kickstarter

There's treasure in them-thar barrows. And you aim to be the one to get it. Collect together your band of legendary heroes and head into the deep, dark, foreboding, and monster-infested halls underneath dark-ages Britain. That's what you'll be doing in Darkholds: Ancient Barrows, a new fantasy board game from Mierce Miniatures that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

In the dark holds, YOU command heroes to gather treasure, fight creatures of darkness and gain the ultimate prize - life after death...

Set in the lands of darkness - the brutal, uncivilised world of dark ages Britain in the 7th century AD - Darkholds: Ancient Barrows is a board game containing miniatures, tiles, counters and cards to enable 1-4 players to control legendary heroes and their henchmen as they explore the caverns, barrows and halls of the undead Wihts

The game can be played as a story campaign comprising ten levels of varying design and aspect in three areas, beginning in the caverns and natural gorges near the coast (area 1, levels 1-3), then exploring the catacombs and barrows of the undead (area 2, levels 4-6) and eventually fighting through the halls of the ancients (area 3, levels 7-9) to gain the secret of undeath (the quest's end, level 10); but each level can of course be played on its own. You can even choose to play each area - three levels - as a mini-campaign!

If Darkholds: Ancient Barrows is played as a campaign, players can purchase certain types of mundane equipment or hire henchmen in between levels - effectively meaning heroes have a retinue they can bring with them to the next level!

To succeed in their quest for eternal life players must overcome a horde of enemies trying to stop their heroes, gathering treasure, ancient artefacts and sorcerous weapons or armour to help them along the way. The Wihts, scampering grave spiders and huge, terrifying mound beetles, ancient G?sta and shrieking Dr?aguth all wish to deny the secrets of the Jutes to the outsiders, and they will do anything - including the destruction of their own halls and tombs - to stop them.

Players must also understand that - whilst the game is co-operative - there will also be an element of selfishness to how each player plays the game, for each hero must draw a quest card at the beginning of each level.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 20 days.