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Midweek Snippets/Terrain Corner

With the drive to Indy yesterday, I obviously didn't have much of a chance to make posts (and no, trying to type in the car all day was not an option. I would've gotten all the carsick). So today I bring you both the Midweek Snippets and today's Terrain Corner together again in one place.

In this batch of bite-sized articles and terrain stories we have: DLD Productions website now open, Web-Based RPG Toolset City of Brass Opens, New Releases Available from Hitech Miniatures, Pondemonium! A free print'n'play boardgame or 3D wargame, Now available – Ruins of Sanctuary 30mm RL deal (20x bases) and 40mm RL deal (8x bases), PK-PRO - Aetztech new etched brass, Werewolf Tokens Up On Kickstarter, Wheel of Flame Gaming Candles Up On Kickstarter, New Warthrone approved army list: Skaven from Warhammer, Free PDF at The Ion Age: Shia Khan Empire in Patrol Angis, Brigade Models - new 15mm SF Buildings, New Manorhouse Workshop Pre-painted – Tabletop Terrain, Some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Kromlech New Release - Legionary Pistols, and Icarus Miniatures Preview The Gunslinger.

DLD Productions website now open


After some serious revamping, the DLD Productions website is now up and running! All of the current 15mm vehicles are there, with more planned!

Web-Based RPG Toolset City of Brass Opens

City of Brass

Embers Design Studios announced today that the City of Brass, a suite of tools for managing tabletop RPG mechanics, has opened to the public. The system has been in beta since May, after a successful Kickstarter in March.
The City of Brass is unlike anything on the market today. The system is designed specifically with ease of use and mobility in mind, is simple and easy to pick up, and runs as smoothly on a smartphone as on a computer. Plus, it’s packed full of features for players and GMs alike.

New Releases Available from Hitech Miniatures

We have some new releases available over in our webshop.

Pondemonium! A free print'n'play boardgame or 3D wargame


The italian freeware indie company have recently published an original two players skirmish ruleset for the Eureka Miniatures Pond Wars range (with the Eureka permission), Pondemonium.

The ruleset have also various components (all free to download and prin't'n'play) that make the game similiar to a real boardgame, the miniatures player can use the fantastic miniatures from Eureka, the boardgamers can use the pinrt'n'play miniature included.

The game is based on the turtles and frogs armies, the first must defend the pond with his better defensive ability, the second must sorrund the enmies and conquest the pond with his majority of troops and his mobility.

Now available – Ruins of Sanctuary 30mm RL deal (20x bases) and 40mm RL deal (8x bases)

Now available – Ruins of Sanctuary 30mm RL deal (20x bases) and 40mm RL deal (8x bases)

PK-PRO - Aetztech new etched brass

Aetztech brought out some new echted brass! Bolts and nuts in round and hexagon in 4 different sizes each!
And their new Zombie-Signs come with 15 different signs for your buildings or terrain!

Werewolf Tokens Up On Kickstarter

Werewolf Tokens

Werewolf Tokens are now available to the public. After many versions of making wood tiles for werewolf, we have developed a version now fit for all players. Tired of your cards getting bent and damaged? Now you can play Werewolf Tokens, perfect for outdoors, camping, beach and anywhere you have 6 or more people gathered.

Wheel of Flame Gaming Candles Up On Kickstarter

Wheel of Flame

Each candle represents a different terrain you might visit on a campaign. Your game master can light a new candle every time you venture into a different realm, setting the stage -- and the mood -- with an evocative scent.

The set includes three candles:

Lair of the Dragon: musky and smoky.
Fortress of Sorcery: spicy sandalwood with hints of olive and cypress.
Forest of Enchantment: earthy oak and cedarwood with notes of eucalyptus.

New Warthrone approved army list: Skaven from Warhammer


Would you like to try Warthrone with your Skaven army? Thanks to this new approved army list, converted by rametecv from the AoW forum, you can now play Warthrone with your Skaven miniatures.

Warthrone approved army lists are unofficial lists created by fans, that have been submitted to AoW, and have been reviewed, tested and approved to be used against any of the other army lists (official and unofficial) for Warthrone.
These lists can be an adaptation of existing armies from other games, or completely invented armies, I will welcome all submissions!

Free PDF at The Ion Age: Shia Khan Empire in Patrol Angis


The Shia Khan Empire in Patrol Angis is a free seventeen page PDF which contains fiction, statistics, tables, rank structure and optional test rules along with some photos of our play testing of the rules using the 15mm miniatures. You will need the Patrol Angis book but aside from that all you need is in the PDF. You can download the free PDF from our Dropbox account from a link in the blog post. Thanks everyone for your support.

Brigade Models - new 15mm SF Buildings

Because of holidays, we haven't properly publicised our latest 15mm
releases, so here's a slightly delayed catch-up.

The recently released 6mm Desert Dome buildings have been very popular and we’ve
had more than the odd request to produce them in 15mm. So that’s
exactly what we’ve done, with the three smallest buildings now
available in the larger scale. The tallest cylindrical building comes
in at an impressive 120mm tall.

In addition, our British 15mm figures have gained some heavy weapon
options. We had trouble casting some of the original pieces, so
instead we've used the same tripod weapons supplied with our PacFed

B15-403 - Small Cylindrical Building - £12.00
B15-404 - Small Multi-dome Dwelling - £9.00
B15-405 - Small Oval Dwelling - £9.00
SF15-165a – Tripod MG and crew (x2) – £3.00
SF15-165b – Tripod Railgun and crew (x2) – £3.00
SF15-165c – Tripod Gatling and crew (x2) – £3.00
SF15-165d – Tripod Tri-barrel and crew (x2) – £3.00

New Manorhouse Workshop Pre-painted – Tabletop Terrain

Hello everyone.
Pre-painted Catalogue
We put together some of our pre-painted terrains. We will get fantastic battlefields to move inside our miniatures and our imagination.
From the cemetery we pass the small village in ruin.
Combining the two themes, we obtain a battlefield very complex suitable for any skirmish.
Few or many… with our pre-painted terrains the battlefield comes to life.
All the best. Lorenzo

The Fiver with Fedor Sosnin on Designing Battle of Durak


Hi, all. My name is Fedor Sosnin. I’m a user experience designer from Maryland. I love making things like games, logos, and websites. I grew up playing games and riding bikes and not much has changed at 28. If I’m not creating or playing something, I’m out riding my mountain bike. I’m married to my awesome wife Amanda and we are expecting a baby girl in October. Good thing I have a solid game collection waiting!

The Fiver with Michael Eskue on Designing Darkrock Ventures


Greetings gamers! My name is Michael Eskue and I love playing and designing games. I’m originally from southeast Arizona but recently moved to northeast Arizona. Basically… long ago I grew up on Tatooine, but recently moved to the forest moon of Endor.

The Fiver with Tom Rohlf on Designing The Voting Game


Hello! My name is Tom Rohlf and I love creating new product experiences. I’m particularly interested in products that help people interact with one another in interesting ways. Professionally I’m a product designer at Fitbit and I work on creating a social experience around fitness.

Kromlech New Release - Legionary Pistols

today we have released three new pistols for Legionaries:

Legionary Plasma Pistols
Legionary Gravity Pistols
Legionary Magma Pistols

Always carry a sidearm with you :)

Reach for the Sky! Icarus Miniatures Preview The Gunslinger

Icarus Miniatures are proud to be showing off the 3D render for our second character, The Gunslinger.

The Gunslinger is an Alliance Marshal Detective. He roams the galaxy hunting the worst of the worst. Styled after the lawmen of old earth, the Gunslinger wears a heavy leather duster over his amrour, and is rarely seen without his iconic hat.

This is the second miniature to be sculpted for our sci fi skirmish game, The Icarus Project - the first being Gabriel Cross.

We are incredibly pleased with the results. The gunslinger not only fits within our own universe, but would be perfect for a myriad of other gaming systems and RPGS.

As you can see, the sculpt matches the artwork really nicely and captures the dour spirit of the character.