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Midweek Snippets

If there's one thing I can use this week, it's a pick-me-up. As you saw from this morning's Podcast Roundup post, it's been quite a couple of days since Expo over the weekend. I need to energize with some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: New Hunter's Guild Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment, Spillforeningen the Fellowship Running Patreon Campaign, Vampire Covenant Army Up On Kickstarter, Warbands of the Cold North IV Red Box Games 28mm miniatures On Kickstarter, The Essentials Case Up On Kickstarter, New Legionary Small Banners From Kromlech, and New Firebug Flamethrower Trooper Available From Brother Vinni.

New Hunter's Guild Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment

The Hunters have arrived!
We now offer Token sets for all Hunters Models for Guild Ball!
Each set includes a proxy marker, and tokens for effects that stay in play for more than one round!

Spillforeningen the Fellowship Running Patreon Campaign

For two years Spillforeningen the Fellowship STF has produced videos for youtube and hosted a number of tournaments for a host of different miniatures wargames.

To kick things up a notch we now want to move into a permanent filming studio and gaming area. We will strive to bring you better quality battle reports, news, painting tutorials and vlogs.

Check out our patreon to support us in this en-devour, even a dollar a month will help us immensely.

Vampire Covenant Army Up On Kickstarter

Polish company Tabletop Miniatures Solutions (TMS) has launched a Kickstarter to fund a new line of undead miniatures. Following up several successful crowd-funding campaigns on Indiegogo, TMS has put together a Kickstarter with some extremely innovative designs for the Vampire Covenant for the 9th Age wargaming project. But I'm sure you'll agree that the designs will look stunning in your undead army no matter what game you play.

Warbands of the Cold North IV Red Box Games 28mm miniatures On Kickstarter

Red Box Games ventures once again into the great Cold North in search of secrets, lore, treasure, and adventure.
This time though the snowy tracts and icy ruins in the company of Aenglishmen, a band led by the intrepid Lady Elsbeth Halford of Guillingshire and her faithful apprentice William the Astute accompanied by female thief Thea the Swift.
A band of 7 ready and able semi modular men at arms complete the warband. Add-ons include 5 armoured semi modular foot knights and multiple female fighters.

The figures are planned to be produced in high quality lead free white metal and expected to be delivered in August.
Red Box Games is a sculptor of finely detailed 28mm scale fantasy miniatures with a proven kickstarter track record. See for more fantasy themed high quality figures.

The Essentials Case Up On Kickstarter

MacWolf Productions LLC, a Colorado based company has launched a Kickstarter campaign with tabletop RPG gamers in mind.

The Essentials Case is a laser cut acrylic gaming case designed to hold the “Essentials” for any tabletop gamer. Backers that support the Essentials Case campaign will have the option of selecting a clear lidded box, choosing artwork provided by local Colorado artists or submitting their own design requests for custom engraving.

The art provided for the Kickstarter comes from Stan Yan, Zak Hennessey, Steven Pulawa, and Janet Macklin. These premiere engravings add a very unique look to the Essentials Case.

MacWolf Productions LLC is a partnership between two veteran geeks: Abel Gutierrez and Steve Moore. The two started MacWolf Productions after learning the ins and outs of laser cutting at the TinkerMill, a local makerspace in Longmont, Colorado. MWP started out focused specifically on making laser cut clocks from a variety of fandoms and has slowly evolved into a variety of different products, including gaming gear.

This Kickstarter marks the jumping off point for Abel and Steve as they make the transition into gaming gear and begin providing their own unique style of design to the tabletop market.

New Legionary Small Banners From Kromlech

today we have for you second set of Legionary Small Banners.
This time for the loyal ones.

This set contains two resin Legionary Small Banners.
Designed to fit futuristic 28mm heroic scale power packs of heavy armoured models. Perfect for Legionaries sergeants.

New Firebug Flamethrower Trooper Available From Brother Vinni

Welcome the Firebug!
Postapoc trooper with flamethrower.

You can see more pictures and place the order in our webstore

And as usual, he provides you 20% discount
to all models from NUCLEAR SANDLOT section.
Only 2 days! Use code "ns-26" while placing the order.