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Midweek Snippets

It's getting busy here in the office, what with the CMON Expo coming up this weekend. Lots of the usually out-of-office staff are coming in. I baked cookies for the occasion. But it's not just cookies that will sustain us for the show. We'll also need to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Carthage Board Game Coming to Kickstarter, Rise of the Shadow Lords Miniatures Up On Kickstarter, Brigade Models Release Spanish Aeronef Fleet, Acheson Creations adds Chimps to Pewter Line, New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - May 2017, Dragon Egg Inn Coming to Kickstarter, Final Days for Hannibal & Hamilcar on Kickstarter, Short Order Hero Coming To Kickstarter, New Orc Jet Fighter Pilot from Kromlech, Final Week For The Drowned Earth on Kickstarter, New Terminous Bases Available From Micro Art Studio, 12 Realms: Dungeonland Coming To Kickstarter, New Chaos Legionary Small Banners Available From Kromlech, and Final Week for Significant 7 Dwarves On Kickstarter.

Carthage Board Game Coming to Kickstarter

SAS Creative today announced that Carthage will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on May 17, 2017. Carthage is a deckbuilding board game, in which players move around a hex-based arena and face off in gladiatorial warfare to earn crowd favor, gain armor, and battle to the death. Luke Seinen, the designer of Carthage states, “The board game community really needs a good Gladiator game. A game that makes you feel the fear, risk, and adrenaline of being in a gladiatorial contest. Carthage answers that call!”

Featuring a beautiful Graphic Novel art style, this game uses blended mechanics of deckbuilding, hand management, and ruthless "take-that" combat. Also included, is a unique modular ruleset which allows players to play game matchmaker, altering the game complexity, playtime, and strategic depth.
Luke Seinen and his wife run SAS Creative, an indie graphic design company in Edmonton, Canada. Through his company, he had the rare opportunity to not only conceive and develop his game, but to also personally handle all of the design and graphics. “I love that from start to finish, I was able to have a directive hand in all elements of the game,” said Luke Seinen.

Rise of the Shadow Lords Miniatures Up On Kickstarter (Some NSFW minis through link)

Each model will be cast in gray resin at the highest quality and be shipped as a model kit with some assembly required. They will be boxed with supportive foam ensuring that they are delivered in the best possible condition. As you can see each figure is highly detailed and stands roughly 6 inches or 152mm tall making them perfect for hobby painting, display, and 28-32mm scale table top gaming! If you need a new final boss, a overlord for your cult, or just a new way to wipe the party you've got trapped in the Underworld.. you've come to the right place! They will make perfect Christmas gifts for the gamers, painters, and dungeon masters in your life.

Brigade Models Release Spanish Aeronef Fleet

Today it’s the turn of our new Spanish Aeronef to hit the website. This is our first completely new fleet in quite a while, and the first to be digitally sculpted from the start. The original designs are based on a prototype that Phil made many, many years ago that we attempted to cast but didn’t survive the mould-making process. We resurrected the design and extended the fleet to a total of nine vessels from battleship down to a tiny patrol nef. The ships have a broadside layout with most of the firepower concentrated in turrets with little or no forward or aft arcs of fire. The two capital ships have resin hulls with metal superstructures and everything from destroyer up has separate turrets.

VANFP-1701 – Spanish Fleet Pack #1 – £22.00
VANFP-1702 – Spanish Fleet Pack #2 – £22.00
VANFP-1711 – Spanish Torpedo Flotilla – £5.00
VAN-1701 – España class Battleship – £8.00
VAN-1702 – Aragon class Battlecruiser – £7.00
VAN-1703 – Pimienta class Heavy Cruiser – £4.50
VAN-1704 – La Coruña class Light Cruiser – £3.00
VAN-1705 – Pluton class Destroyer – £1.75
VAN-1706 – Maó class Frigate – £1.25
VAN-1707 – Numancia class Torpedo FF – £1.25
VAN-1708 – Atalaya class Patrol Nef – £0.50
VAN-1709 – Galerna class Torpedo Nef – £0.50
VAN-7015 – Triple Heavy Turrets (x10) – £1.50

Acheson Creations adds Chimps to Pewter Line

Modern is our next release for 28mm modern animals from our Primaeval range.

Chimpanzees in pewter, quantity 6 (2 of each pose) – unpainted at $10USD for the set

New releases from Terrible Kids Stuff - May 2017

Are you ready for Terrible Kids Stuff new releases?! We are happy to introduce two new miniatures: Orc on wolf in 75mm scale, illustrated by Karl Kopinski and sculpted by Allan Carrasco from Nether Kingdom’s range. Next, a Celtic warrior in 32mm scale for the Miscellaneous range, sculpted by Christian Hardy some years ago. Both casted in high quality resin by GRX Créations.
The discount code GIMMEMORE (10%) is valid only for today’s releases and is active to the 15th of May 2017!

Dragon Egg Inn Coming to Kickstarter

Final Days for Hannibal & Hamilcar on Kickstarter

Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage is one of the best two-player games ever published. The game is renowned for its tense, well-balanced mechanics. And it tells a great story. HANNIBAL crossing the Alps on his herd of elephants is one of the most memorable events in history.

The development team at PHALANX has given this game a careful, meticulous update. It is now easier and faster to play. It plays considerably shorter. It has received new, stunning art. It is even better than it used to be.

Short Order Hero Coming To Kickstarter

Short Order Hero is a devious, cut throat, challenge for friends wanting to flex their master culinary chops. The story behind the game is that you are one of five short order cooks working in a greasy diner. The owner of the diner tells the crew that at the end of the night he can can only keep one cook. You are working your rump roast off serving up the best you can, but your competition is doing their best to sabotage you. Can you win out and secure the job?

Find out if YOU can become the Short Order Hero!

New Orc Jet Fighter Pilot from Kromlech

We have a new member of Kromlech Orc pilot models:
Orc Jet Fighter Pilot
This set contains one resin Orc Jet Fighter Pilot miniature with plastic 25mm base. Designed to fit 28mm heroic scale wargames.
Resin base from pictures is not included.
Although it is a model described as a pilot I can also imagine him driving some rocket propelled land vehicle ;)
Speed is all that matters at the end !

Final Week For The Drowned Earth on Kickstarter

After an amazingly successful campaign (over 600% funded) The Drowned Earth is closing in on the home stretch now. With dinosaurs, talking gorillas wielding machine guns and jungle ruins full of ancient technology, this game promises to be a whole lot of fun.

Fighting in the ancient ruins can be quick and deadly!
To date the campaign has unlocked:
two more factions (four in total, but with a fifth “mercenary” faction announced),
a hard copy of the rulebook,
Three different kinds of dinosaur models including some big 40mm base sized raptors!
An archer girl riding a raptor!

New Terminous Bases Available From Micro Art Studio

A special release - the Terminus bases - are available at Micro Art Studio's store. Designed for Infinity they fit the Terminus Segments mat appearance and offer lots of space to put the miniatures on them. A whole line of 25, 40, 55 and 70mm is available.

12 Realms: Dungeonland Coming To Kickstarter

This might be a cooperative dungeon crawler, but it's nothing like you've ever seen. Why?
• Campaign mode, where your decisions affect the plot!
• Arena mode, with three unique variants!
• Master quest mode, where you live the campaign experience in just 1 session!
• Character development, with skill trees to fit your playstyle!
• Exploration system, where every dungeon is not the same, even in the same game!
• Unique glyph system, to activate your skills and cast spells!

New Chaos Legionary Small Banners Available From Kromlech

Chaos Reigns !
We all know that it is true since the beginning of all things :) But for those who need illumination we bring this new product.
Chaos Legionary Small Banners
Now all your Chaos Champions may show their dedication to true power of chaos !
Those small banners are made to fit 28mm heroic scale power packs of heavy armoured models.
Imagine the view...all your chaos legionaries led by champions with chaos banners upon their backs !

Final Week for Significant 7 Dwarves On Kickstarter

Ben has painted up a Great Omnivore. This monster is sitting on a 50mm base for scale. He (or She) is available for a $30.00 add-on.