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Midweek Snippets

Well, we're halfway there, everyone. Next weekend is as far ahead of us as the previous one is behind us. Just gotta power through another 2.5 days and we'll be back at Saturday. Ah, glorious Saturday. But if we're going to get there, we should recharge ourselves with some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter today we have: Scotia Grendel Posts New Releases, Now available: More round and oval Stonefloor Bases and Deals From Tabletop-Art, Tattoo Ink Card Deck Up On Indiegogo, Tiny Tin Troops Wargame Supplies & Services Launches New Website, XCase Clear Modular Miniatures Display and Transport On Kickstarter, RN Estudio Launches Mythexplorers Kickstarter, Native Renegades from Blind Beggar Miniatures now on Kickstarter, and Brigade Models Releases New 6mm and 15mm Yenpalo Aliens.

Scotia Grendel Posts New Releases

Hi Folks!
After little delay we get back to you with our newsletter. For this month we've prepared some Urban War and Accessories codes.

So let's take a look on them.

We will draw one of our subscribers who will win a FREE Converted Marine Sergeant (Work by Elton Waters). This beautiful miniature can be yours - all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven't done this already) and wait until 31 May.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!

Now available: More round and oval Stonefloor Bases and Deals From Tabletop-Art

We have extended our Stonefloor Baseset by many round and oval bases: 12mm Oval, 170mm Oval, 25x70mm, 32mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm 2

The following DEALs are also available: 25mm DEAL, 32mm DEAL, 40mm DEAL

Tattoo Ink Card Deck Up On Indiegogo

Hey all, my name is Charalambos Kourouklaris, an artist and also the creator of the TATTOOink card deck

Being an artist and a card game player, I was inspired to create something different and unique, combining my passion for painting with ink and my love for skeletons and card games. Nearly a year ago, I started a creative journey that gave birth to a unique concept,''the TATTOOink Card Deck''. I’ve done the original paintings, by using only tattoo ink on paper, a method I found truly fascinating and special. Who said that tattoo ink is to be used exclusively on skin? After countless hours of work, I’m ready to present to you the final result of my project.

Tiny Tin Troops Wargame Supplies & Services Launches New Website

Welcome to the 'new look' TTT website. Simpler and hopefully easier to find what you want.

Website re-worked and front page simplified
Flag pages being rearranged and re-worked for simpler ordering.
This is still in progress so apologies if some bits go 'missing' temporarily over the next few weeks.

New Napoleonic flag ranges
Bavarian Foot just added
Available now : Prussian Infantry post 1806 & Austrian Infantry 1806 pattern, French Infantry 1812 & 1815 patterns & British 1815
Coming soon : Peninsular British

XCase Clear Modular Miniatures Display and Transport On Kickstarter

X-Case: The only expandable, transportable, configurable, Miniatures Display case on the market.
You cannot outgrow the X-Case with your collection. Starting out? Buy one or two and add-on later. Collection already getting worthy of awe? Mount the X-Case on the wall and show off your amazing painting skills.

Get yours now.

RN Estudio Launches Mythexplorers Kickstarter

These miniatures are made of high quality resin, hard and with the maximum detail level you can dream at 32mm scale.
These miniatures are fully compatible with your favourite games, dungeon crawlers, zombies, warbands, etc. Jpg characters sheet are includes for free. We offer a very limited quantity to do all the shippings very fast,
and these shippings are FREE worldwide :)
The set start with 10 miniatures, separated in 2 groups:
Dwarf core
Light core
We have other 8 miniatures, and more interesting things to unlock with your help :)
Many thanks for your support!

Native Renegades from Blind Beggar Miniatures now on Kickstarter

The latest offerings from the Blind Beggar Miniatures Old West range, in the form of the Native Renegades, is now up and running on Kickstarter.

If this campaign is successful it will see ten new Native Renegade sculpts added to the range, wearing a mixture of traditional and 'Western' garb for that 'Hollywood' feel of the classic Western.

Brigade Models Releases New 6mm and 15mm Yenpalo Aliens

The first of our Salute releases have started to arrive on the website for general sale. In the past week we've added new Yenpalo infantry figures and the imposing new Xarledi grav tank in both 6mm and 15mm scales.

The 15mm Xarledi has a resin hull and turret with metal guns and details. It's accompanied by two new packs of support weapons - railgun teams and automatic mortars.

The 6mm Xarledi is joined by a pack of Yenpalo infantry which are available for the first time in 6mm. They've been expertly scaled down by Martin Baker who sculpted the original 15mm versions. There is also a Yenpalo Combat Group pack with six tanks and 36 figures.

SF15-1101 – Xarledi Grav Tank – £9.00
SF15-1164 – Railgun Teams (x2) – £3.00
SF15-1165 – Mortar Teams (x2) – £3.00

SF300-1101 – Xarledi Grav Tank – £1.25
SF300-1170 – Yenpalo Infantry (x24) – £2.75
IC-1101 – Yenpalo Company Pack – £12.00