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Midweek Snippets

The week continues on. Most of my friends had a really busy weekend, so they're having a bit of a time making it through the week. But it's halfway over. The next weekend is making its way here as fast as the natural laws of time will allow. What might help is by filling up on some bite-sized gaming stories. Thankfully, that's what we've got for you here.

Today on the platter we have: New Alchemist Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment, Light Hunters Coming To Kickstarter Soon, New Female Egyptian Models Available From Brother Vinni, and New Small Demonic Wings From Kromlech.

New Alchemist Tokens Available from Advanced Deployment

Advanced Deployment is pleased to announce the first in their new line of tokens for Mob Soccer. Each token set is based around an individual character, no need to buy a whole faction pack if you only play with a few models! The set includes a proxy marker and tokens for all effects that remain in play.

In addition Advanced Deployment is offering 15% off your entire order, no minimum purchase or coupon necessary!

If that wasn't enough, we've updated our free addon album. With every order over $25 you have the option to add one of our pre-cut token set free of charge!

Light Hunters Coming To Kickstarter Soon

Mighty hero from a far-off land, now exiled to this dark forest,you once shone bright amongst your fellow men, but are now doomed to roam the darkness.Surrounded by crooks, you now seek the former glory of your the true hero you are, and regain your freedom at last. There still remains a glimmer of hope for you to return to your native land.Join forces with other heroes, and lead your camp to victory.Summon the spirits of light, and harness their energy.Fulfil your destiny, and destroy the enemy battalion.Once victorious, you may finally return to your people.Far from your prison, the gods will forgive you at last.

Dragon Series Playing Cards Up On Kickstarter

Built upon legend.....inspired by ancient tradition, it is with great honor and pride that I now introduce you to the 'Black Dragon Series' of playing cards, developed by CLCPC Studio 52 hopefully to be unleashed to the world in 2017. Join us on this journey.

The Black Dragon Series Playing cards, created in collabloration with world famous artist Marine Loup, incorporate her world famous illustrations that meld ancient Japanese tradition and folklore into stunning visuals with modern appeal. Today these one-of-a-kind cards have launched on Kickstarter. The Black Dragon Series are playing cards reimagined. From unleashed dragons to the determined black koi … these cards are made to be played, but designed to capture the imagination. Each deck comes themed with unique images and color combinations that are coated with a special treatment making the decks ideal for sleight of hand manipulation and tricks for professional magicians. Supporters will have the opportunity to get signed special edition sets throughout the Black Dragon Series campaign.

New Female Egyptian Models Available From Brother Vinni (NSFW minis through link)

Welcome 3 new Egyptian Girls!
Now we make it more curvy.

New Small Demonic Wings From Kromlech

we have a new release today.
Small Demonic Wings
As you can see even our Spawn of Khha'r'ax has learned how to fly thanks to our new set of wings :)