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Midweek Snippets

We continue on with the post-Gen Con week's work. Though I was able to keep up with a lot of things, obviously, things are going to fall behind in some areas. I'm almost out of the mountain of e-mails I'd gotten over the weekend. If I've not replied to you yet, don't worry, I will. There's just a lot to sort through.

At the moment, though, it's sorting through a bunch of bite-sized stories.

This time around we've got: Age of Tyrants Updates Rulebook, New Heroic Scale Female Heads from Statuesque Miniatures, Fablestone Dice: Bone Origins now on Kickstarter - fantasy themed dice with innovative features, Another Warthrone approved army list: High Elves from Warhammer, Khurasan releases 15mm Middle Eastern Irregulars, Free Miniature for August from The Ion Age, Pay What You Want Adventure Module Now Available, New 32mm Lava themed bases Available from Dark Art Miniatures, Evil Bear Wargames First Release: Bear Tactical Hardsuits, and some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic.

Age of Tyrants Updates Rulebook

Age of Tyrants

Check out the latest preview version of the rules. Changes include new bombard damage and targeting rules, and a combat results chart to replace the previous version that required working out multipliers.

New Heroic Scale Female Heads from Statuesque Miniatures

Statuesque Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of two new Heroic Scale head sets.

Cigars, scars and sunglasses - the Heroic Scale Female Heads - Veterans set is designed to allow you to convert your heroic scale miniatures with a variety of characterful details.

Sculpt your own hairdo, add a helmet or just leave them bald - the Heroic Scale Female Heads - Bald set can be used for a variety of purposes.

As an New Release Special Offer, both sets of 10 metal heads are available for only £4.25 each, saving over 10%. Additionally, there are our usual discounts for multiple purchases.

Don't forget the original Heroic Scale Female Heads, featuring a variety of different hairstyles, and the Heroic Scale Female Heads – Berets sets are also available from the Statuesque Miniatures Online Store.

The new release offer will run until Sunday the 9th of August.

Fablestone Dice: Bone Origins now on Kickstarter - fantasy themed dice with innovative features

Fablestone Dice

Hi everyone! My name is Gary and I'm the creator of Fablestone Dice. And this Kickstarter campaign is for the first ever production run of my original dice set called Bone Origins.

One of my favorite aspects of gaming in a fantasy world is the collection of rare treasures and valuable loot! Often these objects have a fascinating back story, perhaps even one we make up ourselves.

I got thinking, wouldn't it be cool and immersive if the dice we used were just that… curious items that could have actually been discovered on one of our dungeon crawls.

Another Warthrone approved army list: High Elves from Warhammer


You can now use your collection of Warhammer High Elves miniatures to play Warthrone thanks to this new approved list.

Warthrone approved army lists, are created by fans, and sent to us for testing and approval. The approved army lists can be used in any game, event or tournament (official and unofficial) of Warthrone. These lists can be an adaptation of existing armies from other games, or completely invented armies, I will welcome all submissions!

Khurasan releases 15mm Middle Eastern Irregulars

We are very pleased to release our latest range of modern Middle Eastern figurines in 15mm -- these are Middle Eastern irregulars. They're extremely useful to represent fighters in conflicts over the past 30+ years, including Iraqi insurgents and IS fighters.

There are threes sets -- fighters with Russian rifles, fighters with US rifles (supplied with them, as are some of the Free Syrian Army fighters, or having taken them over, as IS has from the Iraqi Army), and finally squad command and weapons (two leaders, two RPGs and two RPKs).

Available now.

Free Miniature for August from The Ion Age


A new month and a new free miniature from The Ion Age in every order. IMP24 Planetary Militia Demolition Expert is a 15mm scale white metal miniature. Great for you in your collection! This marks the end of our second year and the start of our third. Click through to read more and to get information on what is coming this month from us including the Year Two Collection. Thanks.

Pay What You Want Adventure Module Now Available


For the past few weeks New Realms Publishing has been releasing a series of card sets as part of their Universal Adventures and Adventure Module product lines, all leading up to the release of Universal Adventures Adventure Module #0 The Haunted Tower. The Haunted Tower brings together all five sets of cards into a complete Adventure Module, all with a pay-what-you-want price tag.

The packs of cards include:

Treasure Pack,
The Flooded Room,
Search Pack,
Event Pack,
Encounter Pack,
and, of course, The Haunted Tower.

Pick up all six packs of cards and pay what you want. If you enjoy the cards and the Adventure Module, then be sure to checkout the rest of the Universal Adventures and Adventure Module products.

New 32mm Lava themed bases Available from Dark Art Miniatures

Lava Bases

Hi folks! Just letting you know that i have now added these lovely 32mm Lava bases to my store. I have also recently added a lava painting guide which is perfect for these bases. Check out my home page for more information.

Many thanks for looking

Evil Bear Wargames First Release: Bear Tactical Hardsuits

Tactical Hardsuits

Evil Bear Wargames are launching a series of ultra modern forces in 28mm to begin with.

First release is the Bear Tactical Hardsuit.

More multi part suits are on the way and a range of vehicles based on the latest british army vehicles being deployed now.

The Fiver with Adam Daulton on Designing Ninja Camp

Ninja Camp

Hi, Everyone! My name is Adam Daulton and I’m the designer of Ninja Camp! I live in Indianapolis, Indiana with my beautiful (and gamer) wife Krista and our three daughters ages 6, 4, & 1. I grew up in Indiana, lived in Iowa for 6 years, and now have been back in the Hoosier state for the past 8 years.

The Fiver With Andrew Sallwasser on Designing Biergarten


Guten tag! Mein name ist Andrew Sallwasser. I’m one of the co-founders of Steamboat Gothic Studio. I’m an artist/designer based out of St. Louis, Missouri where I work both as a professional artist working in simulations, and as an amateur game developer involved within the thriving St. Louis indie community. When I’m not playing games or making them you can usually find me either brewing beer or cooking with it. Just about to get started on a Marzen so it’ll be ready by Oktoberfest, seemed appropriate.

The Fiver with Matt Graff on Designing Roadkill Rivals

Roadkill Rivals

Hello, everyone! My name is Matt Graff, and I’m an art director and designer at Adidas in Portland, Oregon. I’m passionate about designing, about creating, and about problem-solving. I feel I have equal tendencies towards creativity/spontaneity/designing and organization/problem-solving/logic. That skill set has served me well in the advertising and design field, and I think those skills also apply well to playing and creating board games.