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Midweek Snippets

We're already to Wednesday. That's what happens when you've got a day off at the start of the week.
This'll be my last day here in the old office. We're moving up the street a couple miles to a new building. Got a couple days at home, though, as they work to finish up some last details on the new place (like... internet) and get all the furniture and such in place. But in the meantime, let's stock up on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Ares Games Announces Divinity Derby Kickstarter, New 6mm American Civil War Paper Armies From Grand Manoeuvre, New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures, Squarriors: The Card Game Coming To Kickstarter, Lead Adventure Miniatures Launches Dwarven Gold Fever, and Badass Riders Coming To Kickstarter.

Ares Games Announces Divinity Derby Kickstarter

Ares Games prepares to launch in March a new Kickstarter project to fund the release of Divinity Derby, a fast-playing racing and betting game, with a clever “shared hand” card mechanic.

A party on Mount Olympus quickly turn into a crazy race of mythic flying creatures, and the gods bid on (and influence) the outcome of the race, with the Olympic “All-father”, Zeus, as the ultimate judge.

New 6mm American Civil War Paper Armies From Grand Manoeuvre

With 42 files in total, the armies include: infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, dismounted cavalry, artillery (limbered & deployed), zouaves, flags, generals and ADCs. The photos show Confederate infantry on campaign and Union infantry in kepis...

New Releases Available From Dark Sword Miniatures

Hello to my fellow miniature enthusiasts around the world –
It has been another busy month here at Dark Sword as we continue our Fifteenth Anniversary celebration – we have eight brand new releases that are now in our Online Store and are ready for shipping out around the world.
We have a new Elmore Masterworks piece sculpted by Jeff Grace, and a three new Jeff Grace Visions in Fantasy sculpts. We are also happy to welcome the bearded wonder – Mr. Tre Manor to the Dark Sword sculpting team! Tre is a sculptor with a very distinct style and is a heck of a nice guy to boot. Plus he has the most impressive GI Joe beard you have ever seen. We have three new Tre Manor Visions in Fantasy sculpts in this release that fit right into the Dark Sword line with their sizes and proportions.
And finally, we have a Critter Kingdoms pet tribute mini for one of our friends from Reaper Miniatures – Matt Clark. Matt had to say goodbye to one of his cats a while back so we have immortalized Frankie Blue Eyes as a Cat Rogue. Dave Summers did the sculpting honors on this piece based on the Dark Sword tribute artwork by Michael Rechlin.

Squarriors: The Card Game Coming To Kickstarter

In Squarriors the Card Game, you control a tribe of woodland critters engaging in violence, betrayal, and mischief. Utilizing advanced tactics, relying on a unique code of the wild, and carefully selecting creatures, playing a game is like creating your own story from the comic series.

Lead Adventure Miniatures Launches Dwarven Gold Fever

The aim of this project is to produce a new Fantasy range of 28mm white metal dwarf miniatures for collectors and for use in RPGs and table top wargames. The full range will comprise of x metal miniatures as shown on this Kickstarter project page.

The figures have been sculpted by Igor Karpov, known for his work on the Ratnik/Lead Adventure Bruegelburg, Post-Apocalyptic and Astropolis ranges.

Badass Riders Coming To Kickstarter

Badass Riders is a card game where the players play the role of the dirty and quarrelsome racing drivers in the world who fight among themselves during a race through the desert, where the only rule is that, there are no rules!