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Midweek Snippets

Seriously, is the week just chugging along for the rest of you, too?
It is for me. Seems just yesterday I was working on stuff for Monday. Now it's already Wednesday. I guess being ridiculobusy before Gen Con will do that to you.

As usual for a Wednesday, we've got our collection of bite-sized stories for your enjoyment.

In this batch we have: Some more installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Acheson Creations Releases four new Rabbithole Series Game Pieces, New Dwarf Engineer from Titan-Forge, Skirmish Outbreak Rager Figures to be released at Gen Con, New previews for Human Interface - Nakamura Tower, Menhir Games: New Characters 3D renders for 28mm fantasy, Abba Games Announces Portal of Morth Tower Defense Dice Game, and Simple System Offers Refunds to physical-level Kickstarter Backers.

The Fiver with Matt Saunders on Designing Mow Money

Mow Money

Hi, everybody! My name is Matt Saunders. I live in Gardner, Kansas, which is a smallish town on the edge of the Kansas City metro area. My wife, Sheila, and I have two kids – a boy and a girl – who are going into the fifth and third grades.

I work for an organization called Youthfront, and my real job is being a summer camp director. I have been doing this for three years. Prior to that, I worked as a student ministry director at churches in Kansas, Calgary (Alberta, Canada), and Idaho.

The Fiver with Ryan Cowler on Designing JurassAttack!


Howdy! My name is Ryan Cowler, and I’m basically a nerd with way too many interests and hobbies, haha! When I’m not working on various table top designs and hanging out with my wife and 2 kids at our home in Patterson, California, you can find me: collecting, repairing and playing pinball machines; collecting vintage games and consoles; expanding my tabletop game collection; and moonlighting a once or twice a month as a pro-wrestler out here in Northern California’s independent pro-wrestling scene. I pretty much just love anything and everything gaming or game related

Acheson Creations Releases four new Rabbithole Series Game Pieces

Coming Now to Acheson Creations! Miniature sets and figures from the TAU4 and Rabbithole series of Sci-fi/Fantasy novels by V.J. Waks. From Rabbithole, choose from Jabberwock, Undine, Gryphon and Caterpillar.

Order yours at Acheson Creations or purchase from the Author at GENCON Indy in Author's Avenue.

All are 28mm scale creation and cost $18 - 20USD unpainted.

From T4/RHUMBLINE, enjoy the vicious PALAN, and coming soon the terrible FLYING GAMANI.

New Dwarf Engineer from Titan-Forge

Titan-Forge releases new miniature for Metal Beards army: Engineer Gargy

Skirmish Outbreak Rager Figures to be released at Gen Con

Skirmish outbreak Rangers

Radio Dishdash Publishing and Phalanx Consortium are releasing our new game Skirmish OUTBREAK. This standalone ruleset provides a great new look at the Zombie skirmish wargame. This is a fast play game of Ragers and Zeds. The Rager is a human infected in the last 48 hours whose single drive is to kill as often as possible and is as fast and deadly as any human. The Zeds are the slower more dormant zombie but is just as deadly as they congregate in hordes looking for new food sources.

In the middle of all this is are the survivors. Whether by luck, cunning or skill the survivors have managed to get this far, now they are out in the ruins looking for the food, water and ammunition. Other Survivors may be friendly, but just as often are not, and how that works out in this world of kill or be killed is up to the players.

To support this great new game Radio Dishdash and Phalanx Consortium will also be releasing our initial range of figures that initially includes Ragers and Survivors. Take a look at our initial Rager renders below.

Gen Con Booth #2934

New previews for Human Interface - Nakamura Tower

We continue to present next models, which after some correction are heading straight to production. The RAID officers in all its glory. If you need backup in your battle against some cyberpsychos RAID should be your first choice.

One more thing.
Do you remember Maj Zack? Of course you do!
His motto in life has always been “follow me” not just “move ahead”. He is back from leave, straight to the barracks and into the battle. Not alone. They will be present in real soon.

Menhir Games: New Characters 3D renders for 28mm fantasy

Menhir Games shows 4 more new renders for their line of "Champions from around the world".

These four models, and four more to come will be grouped as "set 3" and will complete the line with a total of 21 different models.

The set 1 and 2 were funded via kickstarter in August 2014 and April 2015; the 3rd set will be looking for funding as well in the followings months during 2015.

Abba Games Announces Portal of Morth Tower Defense Dice Game

Portal of Morth

After working for more than a year, we have finished the design of Abba Games’ latest creation: “Portal of Morth – A dice defense game”, a game by authors Buster Lehn, Manuel Muñoz & Francisco Ruiz. The artwork has been created by Nicolás Serrano, who has taken care of all the graphic design and layout of the game, and Adrián Sánchez responsible for the illustrations.
“Portal of Morth - A dice defense game” will be released in October’15, and will be showcased during the Essen Spiel’15 international board game fair.

Simple System Offers Refunds to physical-level Kickstarter Backers

Simple System

The best laid plans and all that - Simple System by Dashing Inventor Games has submitted an email for physical-level backers to receive a refund.