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Midweek Snippets

The week rolls along. Hopefully it's going well for you. Mine's been very busy. But that's meant things are going by quickly. Quickly is good and bad in some cases, as there's a lot to still get done by the end of the year. With Christmas this week and then New Year's the week after, there's lots of end-of-the-year items to work through in the next week and a half. If we're gonna make it through, we need to keep our energy up. That means chowing down on bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Apocalyptic Upgrades: Viral Outbreak Up On Kickstarter, The Cardmogrifier Up On Kickstarter, Ainsty Castings December Sale, Purgatory enters the Pledge Manager, Ramshackle Games Previews Orc Rider For Jet Bike Kickstarter, Tercio Creativo Holiday Sale Happening Now, Paper U-Wing transport released, and Brother Vinni Releases Ingrid female Viking trumpter.

Apocalyptic Upgrades: Viral Outbreak Up On Kickstarter


OUTBREAK is the first in "Not-So-Bored Games" series of Apocalyptic Themed Upgrade Kits. This first kit, comprised of 7 uniquely colored 28mm plastic miniatures would be a perfect upgrade for one of our favorite board games, Pandemic. We are proud to be working with one of our favorite miniature sculptors, Chad Hoverter (Sculptor of "Mice and Mystics", "Cthulu Pandemic Investigators" and a WIP KS Project "VAST"). We hope you're as excited as we are to bring these premium upgrade kits to the table.

The Cardmogrifier Up On Kickstarter


The CardMogrifier is a BPA-free, polyplastic carrier designed to hold a blank card and run it through your laser printer or ink jet printer. Downloadable templates from allow you to insert text and graphics to create a custom card. Tape the blank card into the CardMogrifier, load it into your printer, hit print, and out comes your custom card.

Ainsty Castings December Sale


From now until the end of December, all online orders of £40 or more will receive an automatic discount of 20% at the checkout.

Sale ends 31st December

Purgatory enters the Pledge Manager

After the successful funding of Purgatory by Underestimated Games Limited, the Pledge Manager has now been opened with a wealth of opportunities for you to get single models, additional cards or even to get involved with the project as a later backer.

We are continuing the unlocks as well and we are currently only £250 away from the first one. In this are some images of the models that have recently completed and feature as part of this project.

Ramshackle Games Previews Orc Rider For Jet Bike Kickstarter


As part of the Ramshackle Games Jet Bikes Kickstarter, I have been adding new sculpts as Stretch Goals. This weeks addition is the Orc Rider. It is supplied with separate head and right arm, and is compatible with third party manufacturers, so is really easy to convert.

Please come and have a look at the campaign at Kickstarter.

Tercio Creativo Holiday Sale Happening Now


Until this Christmas ends you will get a copy of William Coxswish or El Moro with your orders in Tercio Creativo's Online Store, and FREE shipping all over the world.

Paper U-Wing transport released


I am very happy to announce the release of the free “UT 60-D aka U-Wing transport ship” set.

This model from the new ship in the Rogue One movie comes in two sizes complete with building instructions. One in the usual size for 28-30mm figures and a smaller version for 15mm figures. Just so you know what you are getting yourself into, have a good look how big the big model is ?

Brother Vinni Releases Ingrid female Viking trumpter

Christmas is getting closer and discounts become bigger!
Now we offer you 20% for all models and 40% for some groups of figures!

40% for all Nuclear Sandlot series! December 21-25
Code: nuclear

And new SAGA trumpeter called Ingrid and some shields.
28 mm scale, resin casting produced by Brother Vinni.