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Midweek Snippets

Not sure why, but this week's been a time enigma. I woke up this morning going, "wow, already Wednesday!" But since I've been here at the office, it's been the exact opposite. "How is it only 10am? I feel like I've been here forever!" What might help is noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today in the platter we have: Brigade Models New Release Update, New Ammunition Chain Sets From Tabletop-Art, Victoria Miniatures Female Victorian Guard Now Available, Motherland Tokens now available from Advanced Deployment, Dek-Den: Deck Building Game Assistant On Kickstarter, Aenor Miniatures First Releases Now Available, Terrible Kids Stuff releases Goblin Shaman, Kromlech New Release: Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun with Heavy Flamer, Khurasan releases Tah-sig (non-humanoid alien) range, Ulisses Spiele GmbH To Take Over Publishing Fading Suns RPG, and 25x50mm flat bases Now available From Tabletop-Art.

Brigade Models New Release Update

We've added a number of new items to the website lately in various ranges.

Hammer's Slammers commanders in 6mm now have more options for their detachments with the addition of three new vehicles, including a handy mortar jeep.

HS-1612b – M9 Cargo Car – £1.00
HS-1612c – M9A4 Ambulance car – £1.00
HS-1613a – A21 Mortar Jeep – £0.50

There's also a new opposition force, the Lightning Division - the use similar vehicles to the Slammers but in different variants. The M2A7 Blower tank has an enlarged turret with a roof-mounted support turret, while the M9A14 Crew Car is based on the Slammers' M9 command vehicle but with two of the same roof-mounted turrets.

HS-1701 – Lightning Division Detachment – £12.00
HS-1711 – M2A7 Blower Tank – £1.50
HS-1712 – M9A14 Crew Car – £1.00

We have two new packs in our Small Scale Scenery range of 2mm buildings. These are both south-east asian in origin, the first being a village pack of wooden huts and houses on stilts, plus a nice brick buddhist pagoda. The second pack is a US firebase from the Vietnam war, consisting of an assortment of bunkers, gun pits, buildings and a wooden watchtower.

SSS-8072 – Vietnamese Village – £5.50
SSS-8073 – Vietnam Firebase – £6.00

In the Aeronef range, we've added twelve new accessory packs made up of the various turrets and other parts from the recent batch of new battleships. There are turrets, funnels and masts allowing you to upgrade or super-detail your existing models or scratchbuild or convert your own designs.

VAN-7006 – Battleship Masts (x8) – £1.50
VAN-7012 – British Medium Turrets (x12) – £1.50
VAN-7013 – British Large Barbettes (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7014 – British Battleship Funnels (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7034 – German Large Rounded Twin Turrets (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7035 – German Large Rounded Single Turrets (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7036 – German Small Rounded Twin Turrets (x16) – £1.50
VAN-7037 – German Small Rounded Single Turrets (x16) – £1.50
VAN-7038 – German Large Battleship Funnels (x6) – £1.50
VAN-7046 – French Secondary Turrets (x15) – £1.50
VAN-7055 – Russian Heavy Twin Battleship Turrets (x10) – £1.50
VAN-7056 – Russian Heavy Single Battleship Turrets (x10) – £1.50

New Ammunition Chain Sets From Tabletop-Art

The set includes 17x 25 mm long ammunition chains. 6x of these are in a larger caliber. Scale 28-30mm

Victoria Miniatures Female Victorian Guard Now Available

The Victorian 10 Woman Squad and the Victorian 5 Woman Squad are now available, as well as individual components, Female Victorian Torsos, and Female Pith Helmet Heads.
The popular Victorian Guard are all available as Universal Squads, this means you can choose whatever Victoria Miniatures weapons you would like to equip your squads with, or you can use plastic weapons from other troops.
And for those looking for some gribbly hybrid heads, the Cthood Alien Heads are now back in stock.

Motherland Tokens now available from Advanced Deployment


Continuing in our releases of goodies for MKIII it is the Motherlands turn!

All jacks, solos, casters and units now have tokens for effects that stay in play!

Dek-Den: Deck Building Game Assistant On Kickstarter


Dek-Den is a deck building game assistant. Many deck building games exist with the problems of set-up and packing up - taking a lot of time away from playing.

Aenor Miniatures First Releases Now Available


Aenor Miniatures just realesed it's 8 first models
First on the fantasy side we have a large barbarian and his smaller female counterpart, a priest and a young witch.
And next we have an horror range with 3 zombies and a butcher ready to chop them!
All miniatures sculpted by Sylvain Quirion

Until there is a proper webshop, you can order the miniatures from the Facebook page.

Terrible Kids Stuff releases Goblin Shaman

We would like to introduce a special release, one of which we are particularly proud of. A great collaboration between Paul Bonner and Allan Carrasco in exclusive for MuMi. The Goblin Shaman in 75mm scale, casted in high quality resin by GRX Créations. All the mark up will be devolved to Fundación P.U.P.I. for charity, help us out by spreading the word for this good cause.

Kromlech New Release: Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun with Heavy Flamer

today we expand our Legion Armoury with new heavy weapon.
Legionary Heavy Thunder Gun with Heavy Flamer, a weapon for those of you who cannot decide whether to burn or shoot do death your enemy ;)

Khurasan releases Tah-sig (non-humanoid alien) range


We are very pleased to re-open our store and to release a complete new range of 15mm Sci-Fi aliens, the Tah-sig Empire. These are the first aliens to be available in our very popular "Zantin Reconquest" range.

The Zantins are high-tech, non-humanoid aliens and enough models have been made for the gamer to field forces up to company level (there are two more available sets which are not shown here). There's also a platoon deal available.

Ulisses Spiele GmbH To Take Over Publishing Fading Suns RPG


Holistic Design Inc. (HDI) announced today that German game company Ulisses Spiele GmbH has taken over publishing the award-winning Fading Suns roleplaying game. Fading Suns, first published by HDI in 1996, has gone through numerous editions and been translated into 6 languages.

“We at HDI are excited to announce that the 20-year-old wonder that is Fading Suns is about to be re-born! Ulisses Spiele will now be creating a brand new direction for the product line,” said HDI President Chris Wiese. “It is a tremendous business relationship opportunity. HDI will continue to own and develop the Noble Armada miniature and software games in conjunction with Ulisses Spiele’s new Fading Suns line.”

25x50mm flat bases Now available From Tabletop-Art

The 25x50mm bases of the sets "Viking raid" and "Shaleground" are now available. Each set contains 8x random bases.