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Midweek Snippets

We're halfway there, kids. The weekend is just 2.5 short days away (well, hopefully they're relatively short). Hopefully you're starting to get together plans for those great days off. And more-hopefully, those plans include gaming. I've not fully figured out what I'll be up to. The last two weekends have been rather full, so I might take it easy this weekend. We'll see.

But either way, we need to stock up on some bite-size gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Printable Armies Up On Kickstarter, New 15mm Late Republican Romans From Baueda, Dark Art Studios Launches Devil's Dungeon Nightmare Creatures Kickstarter, Watchful I Studio Announces 28mm Terracotta Army, Corvus Corax Miniatures Live on Kickstarter, and Flatminis releases a second wave of 2D miniatures.

Printable Armies Up On Kickstarter


Our designs are made to look good at 28mm scale, we have meticulously designed and printed over and over until we have found what details are printable at that scale and look good. Our models are scalable upwards, so can be used to create busts, trophies, bookends and more...

We have spent time designing basic miniatures for fantasy mass battle games, like Kings of War (and the other one). We are long time gamers, and have developed our miniatures to be as modular as possible - that is they come in parts such as arms, legs, torso, etc. With optional parts.

New 15mm Late Republican Romans From Baueda

It's done!
make sure to check out our fabulous brand new 15mm Late Republican Roman range! The conquest of Gaul, the invasion of Britain, the Civil War, Spartacus revolt! Caesar, Anthony, Pompey, Crassus, Sertorius: a well researched, high quality and comprehensive range for the most exciting period of Roman history!

Now available in our online store!

Dark Art Studios Launches Devil's Dungeon Nightmare Creatures Kickstarter


We are looking for funding to enable us to produce this hellish collection of nightmare creatures traditionally sculpted by Boris Woloszyn.

Watchful I Studio Announces 28mm Terracotta Army

Since the successful Kickstarter launch of Watchful I Studio's first product range a little over a year ago they continue to add more products to the historic and fantasy themed ancient Chinese army. With new releases such as Exorcists, Fu Dog riding Palace Guard and the upcoming War Drum Platform and Xing Tian, warrior giant, they plan to launch a full Terracotta Army in early 2017. The Terracotta Army will consist of a myriad of troops such as infantry, cavalry and chariots as well as officers, exorcists, and necromancers to lead them. There will also be new troop types included in the army as well as human versions to continue to flush out the ancient Chinese range. For a growing collection of painted miniatures as well as 3D sculpts and prints check out the website for more details.

Corvus Corax Miniatures Live on Kickstarter


Possibly the best fantasy miniature range you didn't know existed has launched its third project on Kickstarter with the goal to fund 12 miniatures sculpted by the masters Joaquin Palacios, Pedro Fernández Ramos and Luc "Lux Thantor" Pinganaud. It's a short one. It will only run until 9th of october!

Flatminis releases a second wave of 2D miniatures

Flatminis released a new batch of 2D plastic miniatures. The new wave follows the same idea to provide you with quick and easy fillers for RPG, tabletop and miniature games. And while current release mostly aims at RPG players, these miniatures can serve as great proxies to test any other game as well. The designs and detail level deserve a separate topic and what is unusual with miniatures - you can find some artsy exploration with this release.