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Midweek Snippets

Alright, everyone. We've made it halfway through the week. With just a bit more work, we can make it once more to the weekend. I'm confident that we'll be able to do it. But before then, we'll need to refuel with some bite-sized gaming stories. Good thing that's just what's on the menu right now.

On today's platter we have: Tricorn Games Looking for Flipped Off! Playtesters, New Kromlech Orc Mecha-Armours Bundles, Brand New Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest Update (v1.6) Features Shadows Over Innistrad Card Set, Purgatory start design of their Youtube channel, Dark Art - Aug Releases - Ghouls, Undying Dynasties Indiegogo from Tabletop Miniature Solutions Funded, Vampire Hunters - Final Hours on Kickstarter, Avatars of War Releases The 9th Age posters & flyers, PolyHero Dice - Wizard Set Up On Kickstarter, Gangfight Games Moves Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launch Date, and Kromlech Heavy Duty Knife Now Available.

Tricorn Games Looking for Flipped Off! Playtesters


Want to get in on the ground-floor of a new game and play for free but don't know how? Want to contribute to development and get your name in the credits? Now is your chance! Tricorn Games is looking to recruit playtesters for Flipped Off! A tactical card game where you play a plotting Mastermind using Pirates, Ninjas, and Robots to destroy your enemies and control the city.

Flipped Off! is in its final development stages and Tricorn Games wants playtesters to help put the final polishing touches on it. Players who sign up to join the playtest will receive a production-quality printable PDF of the game and all its components as well as access to the playtest forum. Active contributors to the final product will also be credited by name on their website.

Playtest signup is open now, but only for a limited time.

New Kromlech Orc Mecha-Armours Bundles

are you a fan of Kromelch Orc Juggernaut Mecha-Armours?
If yes then we have some good news for you :) Today we have released 4 new bundles that contains them.
Juggernaut Rippa Kill Squad
Juggernaut Rippa Death Brigade
Juggernaut Annihilation Force
Juggernaut Wrecker Force
All of those sets comes with discount.
Kill Squads are 10% cheaper than separate models x5 Death Brigades are 15% cheaper and Annihilation/Wrecker Force are 20% cheaper.

Brand New Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest Update (v1.6) Features Shadows Over Innistrad Card Set


Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest gets a brand new update (v1.6) today featuring the Shadows Over Innistrad card set with more than 180 cards to explore. Players can strengthen their roster with a new dual-color Planeswalker, Nahiri, the Harbinger, as she is now available as a special offer before she is added to the current selection of Planeswalkers in the Vault.

The new card set also brings a new set of mechanics that enhances the game and helps defeat a wide range of enemies.

Purgatory start design of their Youtube channel

As Purgatory draw close to the kickstarter in October, they have created their first video which talks in more detail about one of the starting factions in the Soul Train which comes with the starting gaming box.

Dark Art - Aug Releases - Ghouls

Releases this month.. 7 New metal Ghouls 4 of which are available in resin, also we have a new resin cast skeleton command group to complete the Skeleton regiment.

Grab our new releases at a discounted price in the Dark Art Summer Sale now on :)

Undying Dynasties Indiegogo from Tabletop Miniature Solutions Funded

Tabletop Miniature Solutions' Undying Dynasties Indiegogo has been funded and is now burning through its stretch goals. The Polish company has turned to a crowd funding effort to bring to life a new range of ancient Egyptian undead miniatures to support the 9th Age project.

In addition to new lords, heroes, skeletal infantry and skeletal cavalry for the Tomb King-ish army, TMS is looking to add a number of new creatures and war beasts as well.

Check out the campaign and contribute if you're a fan of the undead!

Vampire Hunters - Final Hours on Kickstarter

Brith art

Now in its final hours on Kickstarter, Vampire Hunters funded in just 14 minutes and has unlocked 30 stretch goals. The Slayer pledge includes the Vampire Hunters core game, the East European Priests Hunter pack and the From Blood to Dust expansion. There are 18 Hunt scenarios, with 3 campaigns, played over 10 double-sided map tiles. Also includes 98 highly detailed plastic miniatures.

Vampire Hunters is a fully co-operative, highly thematic, miniature-based board game for 1-4 players, fully expandable to 5-6 players. A second game mode and optional rules can be combined to enhance and customize your experience! Play co-operatively to defeat the Vampire Lord or competitively to rate your skills and become the best Hunter. You can even play on as a Vampire, if your Hunter gets turned.

The Night is Darker expansion adds gameplay for 5-6 players, 18 miniatures including new Hunters, new Desmodus Vampires, 2 double sided map tiles with new Crypt and Looted Clinic locations, tokens, cards, 6 new Hunts and a new Campaign.

Vampire Hunters also comes with language support for Spanish, German, French and Italian. Dark Gate Games has arranged customs friendly shipping to USA, EU, Australia and Canada.

Avatars of War Releases The 9th Age posters & flyers


We now have promotional material for “The 9th Age™”, such as posters and flyers for stores, organized events and tournaments, and clubs where “The 9th Age™” is played.

If you have a store, have formed a club, or if you organize “The 9th Age™” events or tournaments and you are interested in receiving these materials for your store, event or club, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at

PolyHero Dice - Wizard Set Up On Kickstarter

Wizard Set

Last year we ran a Kickstarter to produce a set of imaginative dice, the Warrior Set, and thanks to 2000+ supporters they are now a reality! Now it's time to see if together we can summon a series of special dice for spell-casters! The Wizard Set is once again the classic 7-piece set of RPG dice (plus a special Kickstarter bonus - see below), and this time we are also going for fancy and fittingly magical looking materials.

We'll kick off the campaign by offering the most popular color from our poll - Lapis Lazuli with Glittering Gold, and stretch towards more fun materials.

Gangfight Games Moves Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launch Date

Blackwater Gulch

This is just a quick message to let you know that we had to postpone the Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter by a couple of weeks. We wanted to wait until we could have some master copies of the miniatures done so we can show them off in the campaign, rather than only 3D renders. The new launch date is going to be Monday, August 29th!

In addition to the new miniatures, the main focus of the new campaign is actually gong to be to get our Second Edition rules printed in a high quality box set. This box will feature a full color 120+ page hardback rulebook, a deck of loot cards, custom dice and a variety of tokens that you can use to keep track of objectives or wounds or other things during the game. We put together a little mockup below so you can see how it will look.

Kromlech Heavy Duty Knife Now Available

Made only from metal parts, armed with razor sharp blades and no plastic inside, just excellent quality. Package includes 3 additional blades.